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Jim's Gems: Powerful First Impressions

April 16, 2010
First impressions are powerful. With regard to yourself, consider what it takes to make a positive first impression...

First impressions are powerful. They are, however, a double-edged sword. First impressions can be good or bad, positive or negative.

First impressions are helpful and important-though they are certainly not everything. A quick first impression can give you a feel for what might be happening. Still, there's a lot of substance that lies beneath the surface.

Without letting them dominate you, allow your instincts to guide you. Before making any long-term judgments or commitments: investigate, consider all angles and dig deeper.

With regard to yourself, consider what it takes to make a positive first impression. You do, however, need to be sure to possess a depth of substance that will be able to support that initial positive impression.

Those who are quick to judge, without considering all the facts, often make serious and irreversible mistakes. More often than not, hasty judgments lead to trouble, alienation, anger, frustration and regret.

Pay attention to your first impression. And let that first impression be a starting point rather than a final conclusion. Work to make it positive and not negative.

Remember the old saying, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." It is true-so make the effort to have it be a meaningful one!