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Issue 4, April 2011

May 19, 2011

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ISSUE 4, April 2011

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This month: Surface Finish

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From the Quality Archives

A Superficial History of Surface Finish
Engineered surfaces need specific characteristics in order to perform as desired. Surface measurement evaluates those characteristics and helps control the manufacturing processes to ensure that the surface will function as desired.



Next Generation MarSurf® M 300 Features Bluetooth Wireless Drive Unit
Mahr Federal Inc.

  • Measures to ISO/ASME/JIS standards, stores 40,000 measurements
  • Takes surface finish measurements up to four meters from Evaluation Unit

Mahr Federal has introduced the next generation of portable surface finish measuring instruments with the new MarSurf® M 300. The first surface finish instrument to offer cable-free Bluetooth connection between drive and evaluation units, the new MarSurf® M 300 also incorporates a host of features to enhance the quality, versatility, and performance of the measurement process.

For more information, visit www.mahr.com.

From the Quality Archives

Surface Finish Learns Tolerance
Everyone working in manufacturing experiences the same phenomenon-tolerances are increasingly tighter. Every time a company receives drawings for new parts, they find that the tolerances are tighter than the tolerances on the components they currently make. It is not just the dimensional tolerances that are tighter, form and surface finish tolerances are decreasing as well. These tighter tolerances drive the work of manufacturing engineers and quality engineers every day.


Automatic form and roughness measurement in one pass
The Hommel-Etamic roundscan combines automatic measurement of form, cylindricity and roughness characteristics in one measuring instrument.

Very small parts such as injector components or valves, to large, heavy work pieces such as disc brakes, hydraulic components or crank shafts can be measured with an extremely high degree of accuracy. The roundscan can handle parts up to 540mm diameter, 900mm in height and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

The instrument is a response to the need to economically measure the increasingly tight form and position tolerances and surface roughness of functional components.

The Hommel-Etamic roundscan contains an innovative dual tip scanning system that permits both characteristics to be measured in one pass.

For more information, visit www.hommel-etamic.com.

From the Quality Archives

Surface Analysis Leaps into the Fourth Dimension
The analysis of surface geometry and surface texture is imperative to many industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive, cosmetics, electronics, energy, metallurgy, paper, plastics and printing. It is required for investigating surface characteristics, specifying surface parameters for new materials, monitoring manufacturing processes and tool performance, and ensuring surface quality. It is important on all scales, including the nanoscale where the surface to bulk ratio of nano-devices is high. READ MORE

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