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Issue 5, May 2011

May 19, 2011

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ISSUE 5, May 2011

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This Month: Noncontact Measurement

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Optical Comparators Go Digital
Introduced in the 1940s, optical comparators are still being actively used to verify that manufactured parts are within tolerance, including those with complex geometries. Comparators are used throughout the plant including the shop floor, metrology and quality control labs. Up until recently, comparators have been the easiest way to quickly compare a part to its drawing to allow the operator to make an overall pass/fail determination. READ MORE



Galileo EZ Video Non-Contact Measuring – Simple, Precise and Powerful

Galileo EZ systems are general-purpose manual video-based non-contact measurement systems ideal for quality assurance inspection labs, manufacturing, assembly and research facilities.

The EZ is available in two sizes:

  • EZ200 with a 8” x 4”x 6” (200 x 100 x 150) X-Y-Z measuring range
  • EZ300 with a 12” x 6”x 5.5” (300 x 150 x 125) X-Y-Z measuring range

A precision mechanical bearing X-Y-Z stage and column translates data accurately and repeatably to your choice of the new Metlogix S2 readout, or one of several Metronix readout products. These compact benchtop systems are simple, precise and powerful!

For more information, visit Starrett.

From the Quality Archives

GM’s Garage of Dreams Captured in 3-D
A world-class garage of automotive dreams is tucked away in an unassuming brick building in a Michigan industrial park. Inside lies the legacy of General Motors in all its shining chrome glory.

Flexible Noncontact Measurement for Shaft-type Parts
Hommell-Etamic America

Noncontact CNC shaft gaging systems by Hommel Etamic rapidly measure form, dimensional, and positional tolerances on shaft-type parts in submicron detail, recording results instantly. The Opticline optical systems complete measurements within production cycle for 100% quality control.

Contour, diameter, length, roundness, concentricity, cones, angles, flatness, parallelism, eccentricity, stroke, threads, and more, are recorded during a single pass of the optical measuring head--ideal for complex parts such as hip joints, bearings, turbine blades on the shop floor, in the metrology lab, or within a production system.

The fully flexible systems accommodate shaft type part sizes from 0.2 mm to 480 mm diameter, 1 mm to 2500 mm long with measuring accuracies to +/- 1 micron.

For more information, visit www.hommel-etamic.com.

From the Quality Archives

Laser Measurement Takes Hold
In the early 1980s, North American automakers were feeling the effects of increased competition from their Japanese counterparts. Of particular concern to U.S. manufacturers was a perceived quality gap between U.S.-built cars and Japanese-made vehicles, which was driving more consumers to purchase imported cars. These trends spawned a renewed emphasis on quality in North American automotive production, at the same time that rapid advances were occurring in personal computers, lasers, cameras and image processing. READ MORE

Micro-head, Spectral Interference Laser Displacement Sensor

KEYENCE redefines interferometry with the new SI Series Spectral-Interference Laser Displacement Sensor. Using ultra-small, 2 mm diameter Micro-head sensors together with an interferometry mode measure wavelength shifts of multi-spectral light to achieve 1nm (0.001µm) resolution displacement measurements. Operational simplicity, absolute target position and directional tracking during measurement, offer significant advantages over conventional capacitive sensors. The SI’s advanced technology provides cutting-edge performance and functionality for applications such as nanopositioning, robotic control and rapid, precision prototyping. The SI Controller operates up to 6 heads concurrently, performs instant calculations. and stores up to 1.2 million data points. Techs & specs.

For more information, visit Keyence.



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