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December 8, 2011

FaciliWorks CMMS Maintenance Management Software

Ensure product quality with well-maintained facilities and reliable equipment with FaciliWorks CMMS maintenance management software. Available in Server, Hosted and Desktop versions, FaciliWorks CMMS will help you extend asset life, assure standards compliance and reduce costs.FaciliWorks_image2014

FaciliWorks keeps your facility running smoothly and reliably by comprehensively tracking and scheduling maintenance for all of your equipment, tooling and other manufacturing assets.  

Preventative and on-demand maintenance activities are tracked and a complete repair history is maintained for analysis and historical review. Spare parts, materials and tools are tracked and inventoried to assure availability and control MRO costs. FaciliWorks supports calendar-based, usage-based and cycle-based maintenance scheduling.

Reliability-centered maintenance is also supported through the capturing of process variables such as vibrations, temperatures and voltages for analysis and correlation to equipment failures.

Use FaciliWorks to:

  • Extend asset life and assure availability
  • View maintenance operations and asset status in real time
  • Easily submit, queue and manage work orders and service requests
  • Track and coordinate assets, PM schedules, personnel, tools parts, procedures, budgets, suppliers and purchasing
  • Generate email notices on scheduled maintenance, PM completions, failures and other user-defined events
  • Maximize technician time through efficient route-based and batch work orders
  • Implement and assure compliance with quality standards, safety regulations and environmental programs
  • FaciliWorks 8i Web-based CMMS can also incorporate calibration management; the 8i Calibration Validation Kit supports both CMMS and calibration to meet requirements for single-track 21 CFR Part 11 validation

Over 12,000 facilities worldwide choose our software solutions to manage their assets, control maintenance operations, track calibrations and improve quality while maintaining standards compliance and reducing costs.

Try FaciliWorks FREE for 30 days! Download FaciliWorks Desktop by clicking the link below or contact us today for a free trial FaciliWorks 8i Web-based CMMS and we’ll show you how FaciliWorks will work for you.

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