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Vol. 4 No. 3

March 27, 2009

Volume 4, Issue 3

In this issue of QUALITY'S NDT UPDATE:

- News: Radiographic Testing Authors Needed for New ASNT Publication

- Web Exclusive: State-of-the-Art Ultrasonics

- Feature: NDT Adapts to Phased Array

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QualiScope II Advanced Automatic Brinell Measurement System


Although the Brinell test is widely known as one of the most accurate test methods for hardness testing of metals, error in the reading of the indentation size results in measurement errors of 0.1 mm between operators - the range is even greater between labs. This error can take up your entire tolerance specification. The QualiScope II will virtually eliminate operator influence on test results. Repeatability and reproducibility will be greatly improved using the QualiScope II measurement system; test results will no longer change with every shift change.

QualiScope II features a CCD camera mounted in a rugged protective housing and the advanced optics allows for measurements to be carried out with plus/minus 0.5% accuracy and a resolution of up to 0.003mm. The advanced image analysis software automatically measures the diameter of the indentation and calculates the brinell hardness value according to ASTM E10.




Imperium Announces Joint Project with Boeing

SILVER SPRING, MD-Imperium Inc., maker of the portable ultrasound imaging camera the Acoustocam, has announced a partnership with Boeing for remote wireless inspection capabilities. Boeing engineers will use Imperium's Acoustocam to survey damage without having to use conventional ultrasound equipment -- all from remote locations. LEARN MORE

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Machida Inc. introduces the VSC-3-140-N videoscope. The videoscope has a 3-millimeter outer diameter and mini HD technology. The control body has four function buttons that allow for 12 programmable features. LED technology provides pure white light and brightness control. A 15-inch flat screen monitor offers wide field of view, gain control, high-definition and picture-in-picture viewing. The unit comes with a keyboard and offers portable image archiving and image enhancement that ranges from low to high resolution. www.machidascope.com

GEGE Sensing & Inspection Technologies and SGS-CSTC Open Shanghai NDT Application Center

BILLERICA, MA - GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies and SGS-CSTC, a Chinese joint venture of SGS group, announce the opening of a joint nondestructive testing (NDT) application center in Shanghai, China. LEARN MORE

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Radiographic Testing Authors Needed for New ASNT Publication

COLUMBUS, OH - The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) is developing a new Programmed Instruction series for radiographic testing in six volumes. This series will expand on information previously presented in the General Dynamics Programmed Instruction series. LEARN MORE

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Trace Introduces New Certification and Testing Program for Tin Whisker Growth

Aircraft Mechanical Services Selects New Videoscope

PED Approval Now Available Based on ACCP Certification


March 30-April 2, 2009           
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Quality NDT Conference (QNDTC), Orlando, FL. Quality Magazine, (888) 530-6714.

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The International Robots, Machine Vision & Motion Control Show, Rosemont, IL. Robotic Industries Association, (734) 994-6088.







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ITI Logo    Instrument Technology Inc. (ITI) is a privately owned 
    U.S. manufacturing company located in Westfield, MA. ITI specializes in the design, development and manufacture of Remote Viewing Instruments (RVI) including borescopes, fiberscopes and videoscopes. In business for over 40 years, ITI has established itself worldwide as a respected instrument supplier to Medical, Aerospace, Nuclear, Industrial and Law Enforcement markets.

For additional information visit our Web site at www.scopes.com. 

Admet GiveawayAdmet Celebrates 20 Years with $30,000 Test System Giveaway

NORWOOD, MA-Admet Inc., a provider of integrated materials testing systems, is celebrating 20 years in business. In recognition of the milestone, the company is offering a free, turnkey biomedical or biomaterials testing system valued at up to $30,000 to a company or university operating in the United States. LEARN MORE


Ashtead Technology Appoints Graham Philip CEO

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND - Ashtead Technology announces that Graham Philip has joined the board as chief executive officer. The appointment forms the latest addition to the management team since Ashtead Technology was acquired in June 2008 by Phoenix Equity Partners in a $183.7 million MBO. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Ashtead Technology operates from 14 locations in the United Kingdom, North America and Singapore. The applications for its wide range of rental equipment include nondestructive testing, remote visual inspection, subsea positioning, sea bed mapping and environmental monitoring in both offshore and onshore locations. LEARN MORE





State-of-the-Art Ultrasonics
Ultrasonics is the newest of the nondestructive testing technologies. It was not until World War II that industrial ultrasonic inspection became an accepted inspection tool.

by Patrik Rooman

Sneak Preview: Quality 2009 Plant of the Year Winners


The April issue of Quality Magazine will feature our 2009 Plant of the Year winners, Personna American Safety Razor (Small Plant Division) and Lockheed Martin Clearwater (Large Plant Division). Get a sneak peak by listening to Q-Cast Podcasts. Lockheed Martin's Bob Hewell discusses the success the company has achieved by driving a culture of continuous improvement. Personna's Melissa Bailey discusses the challenges many manufacturers face and some of the solutions her company has implemented.


Sit Down With Personna American Safety Razor - 2009 Plant of the Year (Small Plant Div.)


Hear from Lockheed Martin - 2009 Plant of the Year (Large Plant Div.)

Phased Array

NDT Adapts to Phased Array
by Edward Ginzel

Phased array ultrasonic instrumentation has been around since the late 1950s and early 1960s, but was limited to the medical industry in the early days. In the later 1980s and early 1990s, the technology was adopted by several manufacturers in the nondestructive testing (NDT) industry. Early versions were generally large and software was not exactly user-friendly. LEARN MORE


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Jim's Gems: Aiming Too Low 
When you've reached the goal that you have set for yourself, refocus and set another, further-reaching goal. Keep focusing on continuous improvement and the actions to reach the peak.
by Jim L. Smith 
Managing Changing Expectations: Manage with Vision
When using the term vision for managing an organization, to vision is to look into the future and imagine how much better it can be. After all, is that not what continuous improvement and preventive action really is?
by Peter Sanderson   
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