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Vol. 4 No. 6

May 28, 2009

Volume 4, Issue 6

In this issue of QUALITY'S NDT UPDATE:

- News: GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Provides Ultrasonic Inspection Solution to China

- Web Exclusive: A Solution for NDT Inspection

- Feature: Ultimate Ultrasonics

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Bruker AXS Handheld is a technology leader in the development of handheld XRF analyzers for Material Analysis.

The S1 TURBOSD is the first handheld XRF analyzer to incorporate SDD detector technology for faster alloy ID and analysis.

 Bruker S1 Turbo

The S1 SORTER XRF analyzer provides the best value for alloy ID and analysis.
Bruker S1 Sorter





ASNT Launches e-Mentoring Program

COLUMBUS, OH - ASNT is launching an e-mentoring program to encourage and support young people interested in NDT career paths. The program will match ASNT members with adult student members and young professionals. Mentors will have the opportunity to inspire mentees by sharing their NDT career and industry experience, knowledge and advice. The first critical step is inviting ASNT members to make the commitment to become a mentee or mentor. LEARN MORE

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Catalog Describes Digital Microscope Technology

A 32-page, illustrated catalog describes the technology, performance, applications and specifications of the KEYENCE VHX-600 3D Digital Microscope. A 54 million-pixel 3CCD mode camera, coupled with a high-performance graphic engine, creates sharp 3D images. The VHX enables 3D surface profiling with dynamic topographic displays. Other advanced functions include: anti-halation; sophisticated illumination control; depth composition; digital focus; real-time, on-screen measurements and more. Click for catalog.  Also, participate in a brief survey and receive a FREE gift.


GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Provides Ultrasonic Inspection Solution to China

BILLERICA, MA - Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co. (TYHI), a manufacturer of rail wheels, axles and wheel sets in China, has selected GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies as its provider of ultrasonic inspection equipment for rail wheel production. GE's advanced ultrasonic testing machines can perform an inspection of an entire wheel in one minute, elevating productivity of TYHI's wheel manufacturing process and reducing inspection cost. LEARN MORE

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BENSENVILLE, IL-Quality Magazine has launched the Quality Magazine Group on business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn ( www.linkedin.com). It is a place to discuss measurement, test, inspection, analysis and quality management challenges and solutions. LEARN MORE

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Phoenix Launches North American Operation

Imperium Announces Reseller Agreement with Air Dynamics

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Moves to Flight Line for Testing


June 9-11  
The International Robots, Machine Vision & Motion Control Show, Rosemont, IL. Robotic Industries Association, (734) 994-6088.

June 9-11     
The Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Show, New York. Canon Communications LLC, (310) 445-4200. www.canontradeshows.com

June 9-11     
MD&M East, New York. Canon Communications LLC, (310) 445-4200. www.canontradeshows.com

June 22-26           
The International Plastics Showcase (NPE) 2009, Chicago. The Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. (SPI), (202) 974-5235.  www.npe.org 

July 26-30           
NCSL International 2009 Workshop and Symposium, San Antonio, TX.  NCSL International, (303) 440-3339.

August 25-27          

NDT in Canada 2009 National Conference, London, Ontario. Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive Evaluation, (800) 964-9488 ext. 238. http://events.cinde.ca

Sept. 22-24    
Quality Expo, Rosemont, IL. Canon Communications LLC, (310) 445-4200.





Leak TestA Leak Testing Challenge
by Brian Bright

Manufactured parts that are out of specification are not only worthless to the customer but an expense to the producer. Manufacturers want to understand and control the variables to consistently produce not only saleable products, but products with a liability-free service life. Logically, the same gains should be realized in leak testing by obtaining and analyzing leak test data. However, over the years many compromises have been made to obtain leak test data, clouding leak testing today and potentially rendering the data useless. LEARN MORE



Ultimate Ultrasonics
by Dan Carnevale

Precision ultrasonic nondestructive thickness gages have been in use for more than 50 years. Early ultrasonic units were large and bulky, but effective with their measurement capabilities. Precision ultrasonic thickness gages have been effectively used to nondestructively measure an extremely wide range of materials and applications. Some of the many applications may be surprising but they are not limited to the following: coil steel, automotive body panels, rubber tires, hoses and radiant heat tubing, golf club heads, plastic bottles, light bulbs, fiberglass including storage tanks and boat hulls, truck liners and bodies as well as gel coating, composites and paint over composites, copper tubing, ceramic and glass parts.

Ultrasonic thickness gages are a preferred device when access to only one side of an object is possible. Ultrasound can be used on most engineering materials such as steel, aluminum, glass, plastics, composites and rubber. LEARN MORE

Quality Webinars Archived: Watch Now if You Missed It Live! 


BENSENVILLE, IL-If you missed last week's Quality webinar "Quality Strategies that Slash Costs," presented by Steve Wise, VP of Statistical Methods, InfinityQS International, and sponsored by InfinityQS, Click Here to view a replay.

  Q-Tube-header-SUB New Video Added to Q-Tube: Color Measurement Technology

X-Rite Inc. This video covers the evolution of color science and solutions, and introduces the xDNA, a new color measurement system that takes information from instrument to screen in less than 10 seconds. X-Rite's expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. WATCH VIDEO>>



Listen to H. James Harrington - 2009 Professional of the Year
   Sponsored By: Clear Seas Research
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James Harrington


SorrentinoKey to Quality: NDT as a Lifelong Passion
by Joseph Sorrentino

Nondestructive testing is one of my greatest passions, and has held great importance for me during my career.


NovacamA Solution for NDT Inspection

A growing number of application specialists are turning to a highly adaptable and flexible technology of high-speed low coherence interferometry to obtain real-time high-resolution 3-D measurements as well as surface mapping and characterization. Choosing an optimal NDT method for a lab or industrial application involves several considerations.

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