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Vol. 4 No. 7

May 14, 2009

Vision & Sensors

Volume 4, Issue 7

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News: Braintech Inc. Launches Integrator Partner Program

Web Exclusive: 100% Quality Inspection

Feature: Seize Software Opportunities

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Full 64 Bit Driver Support with Basler's pylon 2.1

Basler Vision Technologies is launching release 2.1 of its "pylon" driver package. This release focuses on 64 bit system support for Microsoft Windows. Additional improvements include a DirectShow64 module, multicast support, and reworked installation scripts, even for 64 bit Windows Vista. A free download of the pylon 2.1 release, including the SDK, is available from Basler's website.  

+49 4102 463-500


Allied Vision Technologies Expands North American Operations

NEWBURYPORT, MA - Allied Vision Technologies announces the expansion of its North-American operations. Following the acquisition of Prosilica of Canada in July 2008, the camera manufacturer increased the floor space of its U.S.-subsidiary in Newburyport, MA, and strengthened its sales team with two new representatives.


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Jenoptik ProgResCamera line is now available with USB interface

The new USB 2.0 based cameras in the ProgRes® CMOS and CCD Research camera line have been optimized according to customer wishes and are available worldwide at authorized ProgResResellers.

JENOPTIK I Optical Systems

braintechBraintech Inc. Launches Integrator Partner Program

MCLEAN, VA - Braintech Inc. has launched an Integrator Partner Program (IPP), providing comprehensive on-site technical training and sales support for its vision guided robotics (VGR) software to enhance product sales through additional sales channels into multiple new markets and industries.

"We have designed our Integrator Partner Program based upon the philosophy of 'We're better together,' " Braintech Chief Executive Officer Rick Weidinger says. "Now that we are no longer exclusive to ABB, this is the first time the company has been able to implement a partnership program offering integration, functionality and economies of scale to all of the major robot manufacturers and end-user customers."  LEARN MORE





Ned Lecky A New Direction for Machine Vision
by Ned Lecky

I'm afraid I have a bit of a history of heading off in different directions than most people do. It's a trailblazing streak that sometimes opens up great new opportunities, but also oftentimes makes things just plain hard.

A while ago-17 years-I got very excited about trying to do industrial-grade machine vision on the Windows platform. This launched me onto a path across many hot stones and pointy objects that took years to navigate. But in the end, aided by the prolonged efforts of many other individuals and organizations, Windows-based machine vision won the race against proprietary "vision engines" running their own embedded operating systems and even defeated machine vision on the Mac (for those of you that might still remember the great products from Automatix). LEARN MORE



Meta Vision Systems Appoints North America Sales Director 


Matrox Imaging to Bring Smart Camera Seminars to Detroit, Cleveland

Henrik Ilsby Rejoins JAI to Lead Sales and Marketing 


May 15-16
7th Annual European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) Conference, Dublin, Ireland. EMVA, +49 (0)69 66 03-1470. www.emva.org

June 9-11    
The International Robots, Machine Vision & Motion Control Show, Rosemont, IL. Robotic Industries Association (RIA), (734) 994-6088.


June 9-11     
The Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Show, New York. Canon Communications LLC, (310) 445-4200. www.canontradeshows.com

June 9-11     
MD&M East, New York. Canon Communications LLC, (310) 445-4200. www.canontradeshows.com

June 22-26           
The International Plastics Showcase (NPE) 2009, Chicago. The Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. (SPI), (202) 974-5235.  www.npe.org 

July 26-30           
NCSL International 2009 Workshop and Symposium, San Antonio, TX.  NCSL International, (303) 440-3339.

Sept. 22-24    
Quality Expo, Rosemont, IL. Canon Communications LLC, (310) 445-4200.



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Join Quality Magazine on LinkedIn

BENSENVILLE, IL-Quality Magazine has launched the Quality Magazine Group on business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn ( www.linkedin.com). It is a place to discuss measurement, test, inspection, analysis and quality management challenges and solutions. LEARN MORE

MVTec Hosts GenICam Meeting in Munich

MUNICH, GERMANY - The 2009 "GenICam & GigE Vision Technical Meeting" took place in Munich, Germany, April 21 to 24. The event with machine vision experts from the whole world was hosted by the Munich software manufacturer MVTec Software GmbH.

Twenty-six participants from 17 companies and organizations came to Munich to push the progress of the industry standards GenICam and GigE Vision. The aim of these standards is to clearly ease and unify the image acquisition as well as the configuration of industry cameras. LEARN MORE

flirFlir Systems Announces First Quarter 2009 Financial Results

PORTLAND, OR - Flir Systems Inc. announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2009. Revenue was $272 million, up 15% compared to first quarter 2008 revenue of $236.9 million. "We are very pleased with our performance in the first quarter. We recorded solid revenue growth, excellent earnings growth, and the highest gross margin and operating margin in the company's history," notes Earl Lewis, president and CEO. "We achieved this performance through solid execution in a difficult economy, as all three divisions improved gross margins and operating margins compared with the prior year. Economic conditions and government order activity in the second quarter will be important factors in our performance for the remainder of 2009 and into 2010. As a result, we are reaffirming our revenue and earnings per share outlook for the year." LEARN MORE

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100% Quality Inspection

Visual inspection systems have been used to inspect adhesive beads and sealants in automotive engineering for the last 20 years. However, not until the introduction of in-process solutions did the systems feature the required durability to withstand ambient impacts. Moreover, today's inspection systems also take on the function of robot vision and are even able to monitor the bead height. They play a critical role when it comes to adhering to the most stringent tolerance specifications: Car bodies can be bonded and sealed perfectly with these kinds of systems. LEARN MORE


From the Editor: Risky Business
by Michelle Bangert

We live in tough times these days, what with the roller coaster stock market and unemployment, not to mention pirates.

Luckily quality does not seem to be an industry affected by this last job hazard just yet. However, if you have a pirates-on-the-job story, I-and probably just about everyone else you know-would be very interested to hear it. LEARN MORE


Learning with Lecky: The Return of Linux
I never thought I'd say it, but Linux is starting to look like an appealing solution for machine vision application development and deployment.
by Ned Lecky


Seize Software Opportunities
by Dr. Lutz Kreutzer

Imaging and machine vision are multipurpose technologies widely used in industry, science, medicine and surveillance. More and more ideas for vision applications are growing to increase production processes and address quality challenges.

For imaging software, it means developing faster algorithms and better use of current hardware environments, such as the benefit of multi-core computers. In addition, new matching technologies to robustly and reliably find objects or work pieces even in images with strong perspective distortions are arriving. LEARN MORE



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