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Vol. 4 No. 13

September 25, 2009

Vision & Sensors

Volume 4, Issue 13

In this issue of Vision & Sensors UPDATE: 

News: Matrox Imaging Announces Fall Training Schedule

- Feature: Vision Improves with 3-D

Web Exclusive: Industrial Vision Sensors vs. Standard Photoelectric Sensors

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Tutorial on Laser Displacement Sensor Technology

KEYENCE LK-G CCD Laser Displacement Sensors measure height, position, thickness, warpage, profile, runout, and vibration on any material/surface. They also measure fast moving, vibrating or rotating objects. How do they work? How can you use them? What are the technical factors that contribute to their accuracy, linearity and repeatability? This 14 page illustrated book contains details on triangulation measurement principles, received light intensity and waveform, optical design, measurement capabilities, measuring different surfaces and lots more. More info


Vision 2009 to Showcase New Camera Technology

STUTTGART, GERMANY - Vision 2009, a trade fair for machine vision and identification technologies, will again feature new technology this year when it opens its doors at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center November 3 to 5, 2009. The trade fair will focus, in particular, on digital cameras. LEARN MORE

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Dalsa Corp. announced the availability of a new line of Piranha Extra Sensitivity (ES) cameras for machine vision applications. With various models in the ES line, these new Piranha cameras deliver cost-effective solutions with Time Delay and Integration (TDI) technology; the same leading edge technology used in DALSA's HS (High Sensitivity) TDI cameras. The Piranha ES cameras are ideally suited for applications such as flat-panel display, electronics manufacturing, document scanning, web inspection and general machine vision. www.dalsa.com


Matrox Imaging

Matrox Imaging Announces Fall Training Schedule
MONTREAL - Matrox Imaging is pleased to announce a full schedule of software training courses for Autumn 2009. The curriculum focuses on the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox Design Assistant software tools for machine vision and image processing applications. Training will be held at Matrox Imaging's Montreal headquarters and in Stuttgart, Germany, in conjunction with the Vision 2009 show. LEARN MORE

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Basler Adds New Features to the Scout and Pilot Cameras


Basler Vision Technologies is adding new features to all scout and pilot area scan cameras produced from now on. The more than 50 different scout models and ten different pilot models will be fully equipped with the new firmware during production. www.baslerweb.com

Web Exclusives

Industrial Vision Sensors vs. Standard Photoelectric Sensors
Requirements for product testing vary widely within the market. Clearly, a variety of means can accomplish this task, from simple photoelectric sensors capable of evaluating a single feature to expensive custom vision systems with nearly endless capabilities, limited only by the size of one's checkbook.





AIA Business Conference Registration Now Open
Adept Technology Appoints Director of Global Sales & Marketing

Imatest Consulting Services Now Available


September 29 - October 1         
Aero & Defense Test, Baltimore, MD. Leading Edge Events & Media Ltd., (800) 913-5022.

October 3-7                
Infusion 2009, San Antonio, TX. InfinityQS, (703) 961-0200.

October 19-23           
ASNT Fall Conference & Quality Testing Show, Columbus, OH. The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), (800) 222-2768. www.asnt.org  

October 21-23
Carl Zeiss IMT User Group Conference 2009, Maple Grove, MN. Carl Zeiss IMT, (800) 327-9735.

October 25-29    
MS&T 2009, Pittsburgh, PA. The American Ceramic Society, (607) 533-7000.

November 3-5           
Vision 2009, Stuttgart, Germany. Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH, +49 (0)711 185600. www.messe-stuttgart.de/vision   

November 9-11       
Quality Symposium 2009, Phoenix. CIS Software, (613) 577-4417.


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VS Conference

Vision & Sensors Conference 2010 Call for Papers

BENSENVILLE, IL-Proposals are being accepted for the 2nd annual Quality Vision & Sensors Conference (QVSC), to be held March 22 to 25, 2010, at Marriot World Center, Orlando, FL.  LEARN MORE


Vision Improves with 3-D
Real-time applications where the camera acts like a human eye
benefit most from 3-D camera technology.

by Jens Klattenhoff

Achieving The Right Light
Understand optical data transmission and the pros and cons of glass vs. polymers.

by Burkhard Danielzik, Banias Konstantinos, Ondrej Lednicky, Werner Sklarek, Juri Vinogradov and Olaf Ziemann

From the Editor: Technology Worth Watching
In my family's big trip to Europe, we started in the Czech Republic, and then, at the travel agent's suggestion, continued on to Italy and France. Germany was briefly on the schedule, but the allure of Paris won out. By the end of the trip, though, we were flagging-my dad and one of my sisters chose to stay in rather than see the Eiffel Tower at night-and I think at least one of us had a fever.

by Michelle Bangert


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