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TMEH Volume 4: Quality Control and Assembly


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Part of the renowned TMEH Series, this volume helps you meet competitive pressures for measuring quality, making continuous quality improvements, streamlining assembly, and making the transition to automated assembly systems and applications. The volume includes guidelines for testing and measuring quality, the advantages and limitations of quality tests, plus detailed examples and explanations of assembly equipment, materials, and procedures.

Chapters include: Assurance and Control of Quality, Statistical Methods for Quality and Productivity, Design and Improvement, Inspection Equipment and Techniques, Dimensional Metrology and Geometric Conformance, Surface Technology, Nondestructive Testing, Mechanical Testing & Balancing, Mechanical Fastening, Welding and Cutting, Brazing and Soldering, Adhesive Joining, Automated Assembly.

Binding: Hard Cover

Published: 1986-10-01
Product ID: BK86PUB7
ISBN: 978-0872631779

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