Walking the Talk: Moving into Leadership


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Situational drivers within the workplace and external drivers that influence the business environment often combine to create unique challenges for leaders. The tools and techniques discussed in Walking the Talk: Moving into Leadership provide the aspiring and experienced manager with the basics needed to successfully traverse the corporate minefields of today's fast-paced organizations. An excerpt from the foreword, by James F. Jordan, Executive in Residence, Pittsburgh Lifesciences, says: "Michael Termini has dived into the uncharted waters and was thoughtful enough to document his journey for our benefit . . . In the tradition of all great masters, he brings it all together through the tradition of story telling and discussion, as true mastery is the ability to apply the individual details holistically. My recommendation is for you to read this book and keep it by your desk. Let it process in your unconscious mind. Refer to it frequently so that your practice becomes instinctual."

While there is no recipe for instant success as a manager, the closed-loop leadership principles outlined in this book certainly provide the structure, as do the decision and communication tools discussed. Case studies from real-world companies are utilized to illustrate how to apply the principles. Differing viewpoints on management techniques are explored. Nothing is held back. Armed with the foreknowledge of what to expect and how to deal with it, students, technical professionals, and even experienced managers will learn how to avoid many of the traps that can sidetrack a management career. The book explores:

* making the career choice and career transition* employment and labor laws* management skill-building* managing disciplinary problems* employee selection, direction, motivation, and empowerment* building organizational alignment* base-lining organizational capabilities and competencies* effective problem-solving and decision-making* turning a vision for change into action* organizational politics* and more


What Readers Have To Say . . .

"Mike Termini has really 'nailed it.' This book is a must read for people transitioning to management as a career, but it also offers a refresher for all managers to assess where they stand in their management style and expertise. It has case studies to help you think, examples to help you understand, and a little humor to make you smile. Every person on my operations team will definitely get a copy. It will help us understand where we are and what we might want to do to improve our management and leadership skill sets."Dave Bradstreet, Plant Manager, New England Confectionary Company

"This easy-to-read book provides guidance to technical professionals transitioning from individual technical contributors to group leaders and managers. Termini also provides much needed information on topics important to the success of any manager and organization, such as leadership, people skills, developing employees, and organizational dynamics and alignment."William Gardner, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Philip Morris USA

"Walking the Talk offers the reader numerous examples and practical advice on how to successfully tackle the numerous tactical and strategic tasks managers face. Whether you you are a manager or just beginning the transition, this book will help you increase your probability of success."John McGrath Ph.D., Corporate Vice President, Quality, Edwards Lifesciences LLC


Binding: Hard Cover

Published: 2007-07-01
ISBN: 978-0872638518

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