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Getting Factory Automation Right (The First Time)


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Written largely for project managers charged with bringing automation into an existing facility, this comprehensive work takes readers through the countless steps of evaluating whether automation is needed, ways to plan the project, assembling the team, and overseeing the engineering, construction, and testing of equipment. Chapters include detailed discussions on: choosing an approach to the project, equipment grades, levels, and justification, describing equipment performance and configuration, builder performance and validation criteria, the RFP letter, selecting the builder, managing the project, qualification and shipping, and system acceptance.

In addition, the book contains a valuable CD-ROM with interactive spreadsheets and the text of equipment specifications that will help readers get the most from the book. The CD files can be saved as templates to be re-used for each new automation project. Readers can do their own project justifications by the conventional payback and return-on-investment methods, configure the statistical quality calculations for process validation, then print out the results.


Binding: Hard Cover

Published: 2001-11-01
ISBN: 978-0872635265

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