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Lean Accounting DVD


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Part of the Shingo Prize winning Manufacturing Insights video series, this program explores how lean accounting supports a lean enterprise and its role in offering data that enhances continuous improvement, value stream analysis, and performance. Learn who, what, why and how the lean management accountant can become an agent-of-change within a business enterprise.

Lean Accounting provides:

- Realistic performance measures - Fewer transactions - An innovative system for improvement assessments - Value stream costing methods

You will hear from experts and companies including: Brian Maskell, founder and president of BMA Inc., an international consulting firm that specializes in bringing manufacturers and distributors into lean thinking. Orry Fiume, was vice president of finance and administration at Wiremold and helped guide them to become a world leader in lean business management.

See how Southco, Inc. has been able to leverage its size and capacity to gain business it may have previously thought was unprofitable. Learn how MarquipWardUnited has finished testing lean accounting, and is now poised to take the new reporting method company-wide.


length: 32 min

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