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Story of a Lean Journey


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Readers of Story of a Lean Journey will empathize with the plight of Allison Manufacturing Services (AMS), a small manufacturer struggling to survive global competition and specialization to the point where it is trying to be everything to everyone. Its board of directors is disheartened with the downward spiral of profits, continuing loss of market share, and lackluster performance of "flavor of the month" initiatives. Looking for a way to save the company, the board hires Bill Watts, a lean consultant, as its new executive vice president. But the story just begins here.

Knowing that a successful lean journey requires a culture shift that must begin at the top, Bill must rally the support of the board members who are, of course, skeptical as to what lean will bring to the bottom line. But the change in thinking required to make lean implementation successful is only the beginning. "Story of a Lean Journey" will take you through the first three-years of lean application at AMS. But read the story for yourself, it doesn't end there either.

What Readers Have to Say......

"There are many books available about lean tools, but few of them address how these tools are applied. Story of a Lean Journey demonstrates lean tools in action but ventures further to address what many other books do not: the human elements. It does this in an easy-to-read format that allows you to experience a lean implementation for yourself." --Tavan Hendrick, vice president of operations, The Worden Company

Story of a Lean Journey gives a snapshot of the practical and powerful ways that lean can impact the manufacturing environment. What makes this book unique is that the novel format makes it easy for even the novice to grasp the basic concepts and want to ask, `how do we implement lean within our organization?'" --Tony De La Rosa, retired engineering manager, Herman Miller

"Senior managers, operations people, as well as students with limited manufacturing experience will find this book easy reading. It is short enough to entice you to pick it up but still encompasses the essential principles of lean implementation. Its story holds your attention because you want to know how it ends. Almost anyone reading this book will identify with the issues and situations in the story, I know I did." --John Miles, plant manager, Florida Production Engineering, Circleville Plant


Binding: Hard Cover

Published: 2008-03-01
ISBN: 978-0872638556

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