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Get past the hype to discover what quality management programs really work

Quality Management Demystified provides the basic terms, concepts, and tools for defining, measuring, and managing quality, from the earliest efforts at quality assurance and quality control, through Total Quality Management, to the rise and possible fall of Six Sigma.



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Part 1: Managing QualityChapter 1: Quality Throughout HistoryChapter 2: The Development of Quality ManagementChapter 3: Defining QualityChapter 4: Quality for the CustomerPart 2: Quality EssentialsChapter 5: Key Quality ConceptsChapter 6: Defining, Planning for, Controlling, Assuring, and Delivering QualityChapter 7: Leading a Quality TeamChapter 8: Quality EngineeringChapter 9: Auditing QualityChapter 10: Statistics for QualityPart Three: Quality MovementsChapter 11: Total Quality ManagementChapter 12: Quality Standards -- ISO 9000 and MoreChapter 13: Six SigmaChapter 14: The Cost of QualityChapter 15: The Capability for Quality: CMM and CMMIChapter 16: Steady Improvement in Japan: Gemba Kaizen for Lean (JIT) ManufacturingPart Four: Practical Quality ManagementChapter 17: Challenges and LeadershipChapter 18: Practical Quality for Projects and ProgramsChapter 19: Global Quality in the 21st CenturyFinal ExamAnswers to Quiz, Mid-Term Exam, and Final Exam QuestionsList of Acronyms and GlossaryResources for LearningIndex


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Sid Kemp, a certified project management professional (PMP), is a highly regarded consultant and trainer. His company assists Fortune 500 companies and major governmental agencies in quality management, process improvement for project management and operations, improvement of audit methodologies, and deploying new technologies. Sid is also the author of Project Management Demystified.


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In Quality Management Demystified, top consultant Sid Kemp gives you a practical, up-to-date guide to the basic terms, concepts, and tools for defining, measuring, and managing quality. He takes you from the groundbreaking methodologies of Quality Management pioneers to quality strategies essential for success in the twenty-first century’s global marketplace. Sid shows you how to take the steps necessary to develop a Quality Team, achieve Quality Engineering, and tailor a companywide capability for quality. He discusses all of the trends…exposes the pitfalls in some of the programs…and digs past the hype to show you what really works.

Quality Management Demystified enables you to understand and work successfully with all aspects of Quality Management. It tames a complex subject with clear, easy-to-understand definitions and vivid examples. Work at your own pace with this unique self-teaching guide, which continually assesses and reinforces your mastery with end-of-chapter and end-of-section multiple-choice quizzes and a final exam, and plenty of fresh, savvy ideas for further reflection.

Here's a self-teaching course guaranteed to help you understand and implement Quality Management. Get ready to:

  • Examine the important facets, procedures, and pros and cons of all quality methodologies, including Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma
  • Know the difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance and when to use which, or both
  • Learn root cause analysis for applications in technical and management problems
  • Use statistical tools such as Pareto optimization and statistical process control to support quality
  • Win over skeptical employees who think TQM is just a fad and make them enthusiastic partners

Quality Management Demystified is a practical, effective way for students, professional managers and program managers, small business owners, MBA candidates -- even Six Sigma "black belts" -- to learn how to use and maximize the benefits of Quality Management!

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