Strategic Continuous Process Improvement

Strategic Continuous Process Improvement


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Proven methods for achieving continuous process improvement

Resolve "quality chaos" by creating a link between quality problems and their optimal solutions. With a focus on building an integrated quality environment, Strategic Continuous Process Improvement: Which Quality Tools to Use and When to Use Them begins by discussing the different types of continuous process improvement (CPI) systems available.

This practical guide explains how to implement a strategic performance model and select and integrate appropriate metrics to achieve desired results. Tested techniques for executing an improvement process are included along with real-world examples. The book concludes with a plan to help you sustain an ongoing culture of continuous quality improvement in your organization.

Find out how to:

  • Identify CPI opportunities
  • Evaluate various CPI options using comparative benchmarks
  • Understand the characteristics of each quality option
  • Map CPI characteristics against quality problems
  • Select the appropriate tool to fit a specific quality problem
  • Recognize the role of governance and performance reviews
  • Cascade and communicate CPI throughout your organization
  • Move the needle toward successful process optimization



Table of contents

Part I: CPI Framework
Chapter 1. Why Another Book on CPI
Chapter 2. Identifying a CPI Opportunity
Part II: CPI Options
Chapter 3. Why CPI Options and Benchmarks Are Available
Chapter 4. What Are the Characteristics of Each Option
Chapter 5. Mapping CPI Characteristics Against Your Problem
Part III: Executing the Improvement Process
Chapter 6. Identifying the Correct CPI Tool
Chapter 7. The Role of Governance, Performance Reviews, Cascading, and Communication
Part IV: World Class CPI
Chapter 8. "Moving the Needle
Chapter 9. Summary and Conclusions

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Gerhard Plenert, Ph.D., CPIM, has 25+ years of professional experience in quality and change management consulting, including work on Lean and Six Sigma methods. He has 13 years of academic experience, and he published more than 150 articles and nine books, including International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (a United Nations International Trade Center Book – 2005) andReinventing Lean: Introducing Lean Management into the Supply Chain.



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