CHARLOTTE, NC-InsituTec, a precision metrology firm, is now offering a microscale measurement service based on patented standing wave technology. The proprietary service provides true 3-D surface profilometry and surface finish measurement capability in one data set.

Achieving this level of precision can provide measurements on microfeatures. Small features in optical lenses, optical fibers and their connectors, DNA processing chips, drug delivery systems and a myriad of other applications are increasingly common. These components are delicate and have challenging geometries such as high aspect ratios.

The standing wave is a scanning technology with a high aspect ratio giving the ability to access deep, narrow features. Additionally, this contact-based probe has a minimal contact force, enabling measurement of delicate parts, with optical quality finishes.

Such fine measurements are needed in varied industries, such as:
  • Biomedical, particularly transplant situations such as hip joint or spinal implants;
  • Optics;
  • Automotive parts and machining;
  • Cell phone manufacturers;
  • Chip makers;
  • Aerospace;
  • Advanced plastics.
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