The NCTP-200 is a four-channel computer controlled missing internal thread detection instrument. It has a menu-driven, digital keypad that allows operators to calibrate, program and save settings, as well as have the system ready for inspection in less than two minutes. Four spring-loaded probes are mounted on a plate that is fixtured over the die cast components transfer line. After the parts are transferred into position, a pneumatic slide drives the probes into each of the four holes. Within a tenth of a second the instrument determines if the holes are properly threaded and provides an immediate signal back to the machine controls. If the part is rejected, a lock down feature holds the defective component in place until the operator presses the unlock button and removes the product from the transfer line. The instrument can automatically calibrate and tolerance every channel/hole with the push of a button. After the settings are complete, they can be password protected to ensure proper inspection is being performed at all times. During power outages the system retains the settings and calibration and is instantly ready to begin inspecting after power has been restored.