PARIS, September 30-Creaform, developer and manufacturer of handheld laser scanners, and Metrologic Group, independent 3-D control software publisher, have announced the rollout of a new partnership.

Metrologic has developed a software interface ensuring total compatibility between its control software line-up-µLog XG, Metrolog XG and Metrolog V5-and Creaform’s Handyscan 3D laser scanners. Sold exclusively by metrologic group, this interface will be offered as an option to every Handyscan 3D equipment user.

"We are very pleased to count Creaform among our partner manufacturers,” says Philipe Cimadomo, president of Metrologic. “This agreement shows once again how well-adapted our software are to portable and optical control instruments. This suggests new market penetration opportunities for our products, specifically established in the automotive and aerospace industries.”

Creaform will add the Metrologic inspection software to its product catalogue. On purchase of a Handyscan 3D laser scanner, the clients will have the opportunity to buy µLog XG, Metrolog XG or Metrolog V5, based on their inspection or measurement needs. Creaform also will offer the technical after-sales support.

"We are very happy to announce this agreement with metrologic group,” says Charles Mony, president of Creaform. “The integration of the Handyscan 3D offer to the software developed by Metrologic Group enables us to offer to our clientele integrated and world-renowned metrology solutions.”