BOULDER, CO and WEST COVINA, CA-Imatest LLC, provider of digital image quality testing software, and Davidson Optronics, provider of video sensor testing equipment, have joined forces to deliver an integrated system that enables rapid, automatic testing of video system image quality and subsequent re-configuration of system components and settings.

Davidson Optronics' TV Optoliner now projects SFRplus test patterns that are automatically analyzed by Imatest software to assess sharpness, lateral chromatic aberration and distortion. In addition, the TV Optoliner colorbar/greyscale test pattern, used to assess both luminance and color response, can be analyzed using Imatest's new vectorscope capability.

"The introduction of SFRplus and Imatest software dramatically speeds the process of testing video systems and offers tremendous value to our TV Optoliner customers," says Charles Gaugh, technical director at Davidson Optronics.

"People who use the TV Optoliner system will be delighted by the new SFRplus test pattern and the improvements in automation, objectivity and speed it affords,” says Randy Bockrath, chief executive officer at Imatest. “Add to that our new software-based vectorscope to analyze colorbar/greyscale test patterns, and the resulting package should prove very attractive to TV Optoliner users.”