GLENDALE, AZ-My American Jobs Inc., which earlier this year established a process aimed at identifying and certifying products made in the United States, is conducting a contest that allows consumers to select the company they feel embodies the qualities of U.S. manufacturing.

This consumer-driven contest begins at 12:00 p.m. EDT Friday May 22, 2009, and will run until Friday July 31, 2009, at which time the top 25 eligible companies entered will move on to the voting stage. Starting August 10, 2009, and running until September 4, 2009, Internet users can vote for which of the 25 semi-finalists is the consumer choice for "All American Company." The five companies that receive the most votes will win free certification from My American Jobs Inc. for 2010. Those entrants that were first to select the companies chosen as semi-finalists and finalists also will receive prizes from My American Jobs Inc.

"Since we started we have had so many individuals contact us with products and companies they value highly as American-made and for reasons of quality, price and for the values the company holds as their own,” says Bryan Aldridge, chief executive officer of My American Jobs. “We wanted a way for these consumers to come forward and promote their favorite companies more openly, have fun, and maybe win some great American-made prizes."

For contest details, rules and to enter,