Stanford University has purchased the 100th Titan 80-300. Source FEI Co.

HILLSBORO, OR―FEI Co., provider of atomic-scale imaging and analysis systems, has announced that it has received the 100th order for its Titan microscope. Stanford University has ordered the Titan 80-300 environmental transmission electron microscope (ETEM) for a new facility associated with its Nanocharacterization Laboratory. The Titan ETEM is used for chemical and catalyst research at the atomic scale, and provides unique capabilities for studying dynamic processes of materials under gas and elevated temperature conditions. The multi-million dollar system will ship to Stanford University in the first half of 2010.

“We are very excited at the prospect of carrying out pioneering work using the Titan ETEM, especially in the synthesis and understanding of new materials for energy and the environment, and to study the responses of different materials as a function of temperature and gas type down to the atomic level,” says Robert Sinclair, professor at Stanford University.

The Titan ETEM at Stanford also will be equipped with a spherical aberration image corrector and a monochromator, permitting direct viewing and analysis of interactions between the sample and its environment at the atomic scale.

“The sale of the 100th Titan is an important milestone, highlighting FEI’s leading position in electron microscopy. We plan to continue to expand on the platform’s fundamental leadership characteristics, enabling a range of new pioneering applications, such as the ETEM capability on the Stanford Titan system,” says Dominique Hubert, FEI’s vice president and general manager, research division.