The Japan Rubber Manufactures Association (JRMA) discovers a quick, labor-efficient way to establish moisture determination in rubber.

Mettler-Toledo’s HR83 Halogen Moisture Analyzers are used by the Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association (JRMA) to obtain the same results as the methods prescribe in ISO 248: 2005-in less time and with less work. Source: Mettler-Toledo

In order to achieve higher efficiency when carrying out quality tests, the Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association (JRMA;, Minato-ku, Tokyo) aims to establish moisture determination with the halogen drying method as laid out in ISO 248: 2005 -Rubber, Raw - Determination of Volatile-Matter Content. JRMA has found that Mettler-Toledo’s (Columbus, OH) HR83 Halogen Moisture Analyzers provide the most suitable method.

Intensive Tire Requirements

The tire production industry is one of the largest consumers of natural and synthetic rubber. The safety and quality of tires are strictly regulated and all raw materials must undergo several quality tests. The ISO 248 standard specifies two methods for the analysis of moisture and other volatile matter contents in raw rubber: the hot mill method and the oven method. Both are labor intensive and time consuming, which was reason enough for JRMA to evaluate alternative determination methods. With Mettler-Toledo, JRMA found the technical support and expertise in moisture analysis they were looking for.

Faster to the Finish Line

Moisture in natural and synthetic rubber is very low, with less than 1% moisture content-typically between 0.2 and 0.4%-and reproducible results are difficult to obtain. Test series with Mettler-Toledo’s HR83 Halogen Moisture Analyzers have shown that the same results can be obtained as with the oven reference method.

Measurement time, however, is five times shorter. Mettler-Toledo instruments function efficiently and accurately even at the factory production site, where they can be cleaned of carbon black and other particulate materials. JRMA is convinced that its members will appreciate the implementation of an efficient and cost-effective method for moisture determination.

The association’s aim is to establish halogen drying in the revised ISO 248 standard and to obtain better and faster methods for the rubber industry in order to produce high-quality, reliable tires.

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  • Mettler-Toledo’s HR83 Halogen Moisture Analyzers can produce results equal to the methods prescribed in ISO 248: 2005, at a rate of five times faster.

  • The analyzers can function on the tire manufacturing site.

  • The analyzers require less labor than the analysis methods prescribed in ISO 248: 2005.