Cincinnati-Zontec Inc., the international developer of statistical process control (SPC) software, is making a free downloadable version ofThe Book of Statistical Process Control to members of the quality assurance community.

Written by Zontec for non-statisticians, the publication helps to demystify SPC methods, techniques and calculations by emphasizing the value of SPC as a bona fide quality improvement tool and competitive resource. The 206-page eBook draws on Zontec’s 25+ years of experience with manufacturing applications, SPC software development and automating data collection from plant floor systems and hardware devices. Each chapter is filled with many examples, charts, tables, diagrams and tips that readers can readily adapt to their own production environments.

The free download can be accessed at Zontec’s homepage,, or can be requested by calling (866) 955-0088 or (513) 648-9695. The book is also available in a softcover edition priced at $34.95.