Applied Vision advanced color imaging system provides converted end inspection advantages.

Can-Pack Group (Brzesko, Poland) has specified KromaKing technology from Applied Vision Corp. (Akron, OH) for performing color converted end inspection at the company’s beverage can factory in Brzesko, Poland. Though Can-Pack evaluated numerous machine vision solutions for color end inspection, it was the intuitive, camera-based KromaKing technology that distinguished Applied Vision among prospective suppliers.

Monochrome (black-and-white) imaging is insufficient for accurate examination of today’s coated and printed can ends. KromaKing tools from Applied Vision integrate color cameras, brilliant lighting arrays and sophisticated software to capture and process color images that are inherently rich in data. By utilizing color image processing to its fullest extent, KromaKing systems can differentiate defects and color-obscured features in ways standard monochrome systems simply cannot.

Furthermore, digital software “smart filters” automatically detect and learn colors, enabling KromaKing systems to either enhance targeted defects or ignore artifacts that are not problematic. For Can-Pack and other can makers, the ability to extract higher-detail color information when performing inspections can mean greater color consistency from end-to-end, fewer false rejects, reduced spoilage rates, smaller hold-for-inspection (HFI) piles and larger profit margins.

In addition to color converted end inspection, Applied Vision will integrate multiple lanes of liner inspection at the Brzesko plant-one of many Can-Pack manufacturing facilities worldwide that utilize accurate, innovative and reliable Applied Vision imaging equipment.

Applied Vision Corp. designs and manufactures application-specific machine vision inspection systems for the packaging, food and beverage container and color printing industries. Applied Vision systems are sold worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), value-added resellers (VARs), full­ service distributors and company direct.