The OPB733TR reflective object sensor measures 0.300 inch by 0.160 inch with a PC board-mounted profile of 0.114 inch and incorporates a lensed IR LED and phototransistor elements to collimate the light beam for enhanced resolution at a detection range from 0.4 inch to 1 inch. Its IR LED has a typical peak emission wavelength of 890 nanometers, mounted alongside a NPN silicon phototransistor, which responds to light reflected by the object being sensed.

The phototransistor output on-state collector current is 0.1 milli-amperes at ½-inch distance from the target and a 20 milliamperes forward current and a collector emitter voltage of 5 volts. The surface mount package is reflow solder compatible to 260 C. The sensors are available in 16 millimeter tape on 7-inch diameter reels, 500 pieces per reel.

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