Don’t inspect quality into your products; build it in with accurate and easy to follow work instructions.

FFD’s LockStep Free offers everyone an easy path to great work instructions.  With an intuitive graphical user interface for authoring and automatic formatting to Standard Work or Detailed Work PDFs, LockStep FREE will allow you to have great work instructions that make an immediate impact on your bottom line.  

And, when it is time to expand, FFD offers an easy migration path to a fully licensed version of LockStep with additional image editing capabilities or Sequence Enterprise for full business integration with your ERP system, regulatory reporting, and paperless shop floor deployment.


FFD Product Offerings:

Sequence Enterprise Software isn't just paper on glass, but a dynamic interface between engineering and the paperless manufacturing floor. Designed for the highly regulated company, Sequence provides work instructions that are fully traceable and integrated with ERP.

LockStep Desktop Software for the small to midsize manufacturing company needing rapid, visual work instructions authoring and paper deployment without all the hassles of formatting.

LockStep Free Software for those who need the speed and efficiency of LockStep but need to show initial value before making the financial investment. One or many copies can be merged into a Sequence Enterprise deployment.


About FFD

For over 9 years, FFD has been helping companies that have operational problems as a result of inadequate, non-existent or onerous work instruction processes. This history has yielded a suite of work instruction software solutions that are second to none in terms of usability, flexibility and capability as well as a staff that possesses deep industry expertise and an intimate understanding of how to assist manufacturing companies of all sizes across all major verticals. FFD's customer base extends across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia and includes some of the largest names in manufacturing. FFD is currently shipping V3.0 of Sequence Enterprise and V1.3 of LockStep.


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