ANN ARBOR, MI—The Vision Show, North America’s largest vision and imaging trade show and conference, announced today that the exhibit floor is sold out. 118 leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers from around the world will exhibit their latest vision and imaging technologies in Boston, April 15-17, 2014 at the Hynes Convention Center. AIA, the world’s largest trade association promoting vision and imaging industries, founded The Vision Show in 1996.

“Vision and imaging technologies are always improving and the applications they are being used in are growing rapidly,” said Dana Whalls, Vice President of AIA. “The Vision Show only comes to Boston every other year, so it’s the place to see cutting edge technologies and learn about new and creative ways vision is being deployed.”

Vision and imaging technologies are used for more than just inspection or positioning in manufacturing today. They are also used to inspect and safeguard food, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods; track items and streamline processes; diagnose diseases and aide in drug discovery; provide long distance and night-vision imaging in high-end surveillance; saves lives with medical imaging and medical devices; improve safety in automobiles and maneuverability in autonomous vehicles; and much more.

The trade show offers free admission.

“We’re looking forward to a great show,” added Whalls. “Our exhibitor base has increased 15% over the last show and attendee registrations are coming in strong. This year we’ll have show-floor discussion groups on useful vision topics, a networking party, plus a terrific keynote presentation on the use of vision in law enforcement and high-end surveillance applications, including technologies that were used to help locate the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.”

The accompanying conference features in-depth tutorials and sessions on topics such as the fundamentals of machine vision, lighting, optics, camera and image sensor technology, software and algorithms, 3-D vision techniques, designing vision systems, embedded vision, metrology and 2-D calibration techniques, non-visible imaging and more. New this year, the conference is offering a track of courses specifically geared toward the life sciences industry. AIA’s Certified Vision Professional program classes and exams (both CVP-Basic and CVP-Advanced) will also be available at the conference.

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