AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS—Element Jupiter is investing in a laboratory reconfiguration at its 16,750 ft2 site in Florida to free up to 20 percent additional floor space, which will house new cutting-edge equipment and 14 dedicated, permanent test cells. One of Element Materials Technology’s largest laboratories dedicated to aerospace testing in the US, Jupiter is expanding its specialist fluid testing capacity and capabilities in response to exceptional customer demand following a record year.

Charles Noall, President and CEO of Element Materials Technology, said: “Element Jupiter achieved outstanding results last year and expanded on a roster of clients featuring many of the world’s leading Primes and their supply chain partners, proving itself one of the leading Aerospace testing laboratories in the US.

“This investment and improvement program is being directly led by the needs of those clients. The newly-constructed infrastructure and testing equipment will significantly increase capacity and throughput speed, while reducing costs and slashing lead times from weeks or months to a matter of days.”

Element Jupiter plans to create the 14 test cells in a configurable format, capable of testing from components up to system level utilizing conditioned air, oil, or fuel to evaluate conditioning, endurance and capabilities in various temperatures and environments. Fluid dynamics testing is an essential step in the research, development and qualification of products including engines, heat exchangers, filters, vane actuators, flap actuators and fuel systems.

The facility has recently constructed a new 1,800 gallon capacity fuel icing test facility to join an existing 4,000 gallon system. Additional planned improvements will double its air compressor capacity with several new machines, install a third fire test cell to reach temperatures of up to 2,000°C and acquire four additional drive systems of between 200 and 400HP, needed for the testing of rotating systems such as turbine engine fuel systems.

As part of the reconfiguration plans, the laboratory is creating a mezzanine floor for additional storage room and relocating the majority of its dynamics and climatic testing division to a sister site in Melbourne, FL. It has also installed high-end client suites, allowing key Prime partners to witness testing in an environment similar to their own, strengthening strategic partnerships.

Noall concludes, “This investment in Element Jupiter’s capacity and capabilities comes at a time when the company is rapidly advancing its Aerospace testing expertise, having become a recognized leader in next-generation materials testing with ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) and acquiring German laboratory GEVA (Gesellschaft für Entwicklung und Versuch Adlershof mbH) earlier this year. One of Europe’s most highly-regarded Aerospace materials testing and qualification companies, GEVA’s expertise will be quickly integrated with our own and they in turn will benefit from our leading-edge knowledge, meaning Element is well positioned to establish itself as the undisputed market leader in the US and Europe.”

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