AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands— Element Materials Technology’s laboratory in Daleville, Ind. has significantly expanded the scope of its Nadcap accreditation. This follows a year-long investment program in Element Daleville’s aluminum testing capabilities for the Aerospace sector, which has been led by the specific needs of a key client.

Achieving the best possible result of zero findings, Element Daleville now boasts Nadcap accredited services such as stress corrosion cracking, R curve/Kapp panel fracture, exfoliation, and compressive yield testing. These add to an impressive existing roster of certified services, including high cycle fatigue testing, fracture toughness, as well as routine mechanical, metallurgical, chemical and failure analysis.

“Required by Element’s leading Prime partners such as Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, and General Electric, a Nadcap accreditation is widely recognized as the most stringent within the Aerospace industry." said Rick Sluiters, Element's EVP of Aerospace and Defense. "It is notoriously difficult to not only acquire but to retain, so to achieve zero findings for an expanded scope took a monumental effort by the team.”

Over the last year, Element has invested substantially in Daleville’s aluminum center of excellence, adding a dedicated team of 10 technicians and machinists and supporting its development of proprietary, innovative aluminum testing processes with the expertise of the Group’s entire global platform. This expansion has been focused around the specific needs of a global fabricator of aluminum components for aerospace manufacturers and this Nadcap accreditation represents the culmination of Daleville’s work alongside this key client in developing its offering.

“To be Nadcap audited with zero findings for such specialized aluminum testing capabilities makes Element one of an elite few organizations worldwide and will open up significant new business opportunities, reinforcing the company’s position as the largest provider of metallic and non-metallic testing services to the U.S. Aerospace industry,” said Sluiters.

Formerly operated by Sherry Laboratories, the Daleville laboratory joined Element as part of the company’s acquisition of Sherry in March 2013. It is one of 12 Element facilities in the US holding Nadcap certificates, believed to be the most held by any independent materials testing company in the country. Between them, Element’s laboratories can offer the aviation industry accredited services covering the full range of testing methodology accredited by Nadcap.

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