SKOKIE, IL — Test Centric Assembly is not a product but a process that builds total confidence in test results. It is a commitment to 100 percent, fail-safe leak testing. The goal is perfection. InterTech has devoted more than 40 years to the development and refinement of Test Centric Assembly, and now presents an easy-to-understand account in a free white paper.

This white paper is for mechanical engineers, quality engineers, management and those whose goals are to detect leaks, avoid unnecessary production cost and implement process adjustments for maximum yield. Technical matters are covered in a basic way so that a wide audience can follow the recipe for Test Centric Assembly.

“Our intention with this white paper is to give a roadmap to leak testing perfection with Test Centric Assembly,” said President Jacques Hoffmann, InterTech Development Company. “Test Centric Assembly is an approach that works for automotive, medical, industrial and any test-intensive assembly process.”

There is a disruptive quality to Test Centric Assembly. It challenges the status quo, just as lean manufacturing did when it became popular in the 1990’s.

“It may seem outrageous to aim for perfection,” said Hoffmann. “But who wants test data they cannot rely on? That is a waste. Modern manufacturing is lean and strives to eliminate waste. Therefore, testing must be absolutely reliable and it is if you commit to Test Centric Assembly.”

There are several main topics presented in the white paper, including:
• Test Centric Assembly as a Strategy
• Dry Air Testing
• Comparison of Mass Flow and Pressure Decay
• Ethernet and I/O Connections
• Calibration and Validation
• Importance of Precision Fixtures

Also included are examples of Test Centric Assembly in real-world applications.

Request your free copy of the Test Centric Assembly white paper today. For a password to unlock the paper, contact Gerald Sim (, 847/679-3377).

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