The PIXCI EB1mini captures from a base configuration line scan or area scan camera link camera.  With trigger input, strobe output, shutter control, bit-packing capability, 64 bit memory addressing, and video rate sequence capture; the PIXCI® EB1mini is big on features and small in size. 

The XCAP-Lite imaging program, provided at no charge with the PIXCI® EB1mini, provides software control of image capture, as well as all camera controls, with an easy to use Capture & Adjust Dialog.

Features include:

  • Smallest camera link frame grabber
  • 50.95 mm x 30.00 mm (2.006 x 1.181 inches)
  • PCI Express Mini Card form factor
  • Captures from any base camera link camera
  • Bursts transfers images to PCIe bus at 250 gigabits per second
  • Sustained image capture at rates of 200 megabytes per second
  • Connector for triggers and strobes

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