Curtis Husted, a coordinate metrology instructor at Cerritos College in California, teaches his class using an OT2 laser tracker from Automated Precision Incorporated. The OT2 laser tracker from API was obtained from enhancement funds provided by the chancellor’s office of the California community colleges.

Husted’s MTT168 students use the laser tracker on aerospace parts to learn advanced aspects of metrology using the API laser tracker and Verisurf software.

“As an industry expert, I find that the API tracker is a great addition to our class curriculum. We use the tracker to set details, perform validation checks, measure features, all with a high level of confidence," Curtis Husted says.

The curriculum for the advanced Verisurf and tool building class was developed in conjunction with Verisurf and other industry partners including Robb Rudluff from API.

“​Our students are each equipped with a MasterGage PCMM at their work stations. This is good for tutorials and practice with getting comfortable with the software. We also have demonstrations with the API Tracker where ultra-precision measurements can be performed to give the students a sense of accuracy and confidence that they are measuring correctly,” says Husted.

Cerritos College is the first community college in California to offer a coordinate metrology certificate of achievement approved by the chancellor’s office. This was obtained in 2015 and together along with the API Laser tracker and Verisurf software they are able to educate a new generation with the most technologically advanced equipment for the manufacturing industry.