Well here we are in the future. Nice, huh? Self-driving cars, food in pill form, bionic limbs. Hmmmm... Not sure if those things are great. Maybe the bionic limbs. Jury's still out on the cars. But the point is, we keep trying to make life better, maybe a little easier, with all our innovations and leaps forward. Funny how change is always challenging, yet we like things to always change.

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The manufacturing world sure has changed. Robotics are everywhere. Computers are used in countless ways and data is easily available. The manufacturing world is, let's face it, closer to automated than it ever has been. And yet you are likely still asking questions like these:

  • How can we improve our bottom line?
  • What else should be done to improve quality—of our products and processes?
  • Where can we find more gains in efficiency?
  • What strategies should we employ to hold on to our current customers but add larger ones?

Most companies want to have specific answers to each of these questions. There’s rarely a time where we don’t want to improve, grow, and strive to be better.

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A SaaS Application can help you

Here’s a question for you: What are you trying to achieve right now that you can't achieve with pencil and paper? The answer, I believe, is all of the above. That is, if you want to improve product and process quality, become more efficient, and add bigger customers to your list while improving your company’s bottom line, you won’t do it by adding paper and pencil systems to your business.

I've been working in the manufacturing quality field for more than 30 years. I've witnessed incredible change over that time, yet I’m still flabbergasted to see so many organizations who still rely on ineffective paper and pencil systems—especially considering the massive improvements in technology over those three decades.

I am surprised even more with paper-based systems when considering the advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. It’s evident that SaaS systems are poised to take over the technology world. It’s going to happen. Soon your paper-based systems, desktop PC, locally-installed software, and plant-based servers will become relics of the past—dinosaurs amongst rocket ships. The benefits of SaaS are on the way.

What’s so great about a SaaS platform?

We live in a world where we're inundated with information. It's far too much to process. And paper and pencil systems do not help. Yet, I see clipboards and paper on modern manufacturing shop floors. Maybe people think that it’s worked for years, it has worked in the past, so why shouldn't we rely on it now? Maybe some find paper and pencil to be comforting, but relying on it is hurting your ability to compete.

You’re going to miss out on a lot if you cling to paper and pencil. Once companies move to the SaaS world, things change for the better. Here’s a short list of the benefits that SaaS products provide to companies:

  • Dramatically reduced Information Technology (IT) expenditures
    • No need to purchase servers or databases
    • No software “upgrading” necessary (it’s done automatically in the cloud)
    • Reduced need for ongoing IT support
  • No up-front capital outlay to purchase SaaS systems
  • All data is accessible on any computing device
  • All data is saved in a centralized data repository
    • Data is accessible anytime, anywhere
    • Cutting-edge analytics can be applied across data from all plants and divisions
    • Data backups occur automatically, reducing the risk of data loss
    • Reporting across the enterprise is easy
    • Powerful analyses support cross-plant reporting and analytics
    • Helpful information is easily extracted from the data repository
    • Audits are faster and much more easily managed

…to name but a few.

In part two of this short series, we’ll take a closer look at how your IT team can benefit from a switch to SaaS—and how making the move to SaaS has a direct effect on your bottom line.

‘Til next time.