When you think about the future of your company, it’s inspiring to think of all you can accomplish when everyone is pulling together toward a clear, common set of goals. 

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Unfortunately, that kind of teamwork is hard to foster across a whole company. Individual departments have their own challenges. Individual teams have daily goals to meet. And individual team members may even perform operations slightly differently, depending on the needs of the day.

How do you support the diverse needs of your teams across your enterprise while still supporting your overall company objectives? Believe it or not, the key is actually in your quality data.

Get On the Same Page

When quality is at the core of your business, the foundation of your quality initiative is your data. But to maximize the value of that data, it’s important to store, process, and report on data from a single, centralized database. This allows all teams to communicate at the same level and be on the same page. Now, you have visibility at every level of the organization, so:

  • Everyone can see and understand quality levels. A centralized database helps prevent users from making decisions based on incomplete information, eliminates duplicate or unusable data, and improves synchronization efforts.
  • Teams can easily access data for analysis — without adding to the burden on IT. A single relational database empowers users who have the right security levels to directly leverage SPC data and configurable reports.
  • Teams can respond with flexibility and agility to changing needs. With one central location for information, you need only one step to set up or change data values across the system. A single update will reflect globally across the system, so users can always be responding to the most up-to-date information.
  • All users are empowered to take the actions they should with the analytics they need. Users access and report on data directly from the system without having to worry about how they will merge data sources or tie together different machines, lines, and resources.

See What’s Important—and Take Action

This shared visibility is just the start of better things for your organization. When your teams can access and compare information and best practices, they can use that shared intelligent insight to determine exactly where to invest resources to improve products and processes.

  • The Quality Team can automate and standardize quality data collection, provide as-needed reports, and get a historical view for in-depth insights that will help them meet the growing demands of new products and customers.
  • The Manufacturing Team will gain insight that can help them proactively prevent issues, reduce risk and downtime, and optimize production.
  • The Management Team can use its new insight to reduce costs, improve yield, and stay ahead of the demands of quality programs, Six Sigma and Lean initiatives, and compliance requirements.
  • Simplifying your data collection and reporting reduces the burden on your IT Team, enabling better service for users and lower costs without loss of functionality or skimping on security.
  • Does your Executive Team see quality as a problem and an expense? When you embed quality in every process, it becomes an opportunity for greater productivity, stronger brand loyalty, and increased profits.

The Future of Excellence

Manufacturing never stops evolving, and the future of your company depends on your ability to continually adapt and innovate. With the visibility and insight to oversee quality across the enterprise, you will discover that your teams can come together to proactively drive continuous improvement throughout your entire business.

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