ASSLAR, Germany — At the beginning of August, 15 young men and women started their vocational training or dual studies at Pfeiffer Vacuum in Asslar. Another two students began one-year internships. In Göttingen, the team was reinforced by three additional industrial trainees. The training spectrum at Pfeiffer Vacuum ranges from commercial and industrial professions to dual study programs in various fields.

“One of the supporting pillars for the future of our company is training, said Nathalie Benedikt, CFO at Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology. "It allows us to attract young talent early on and to gain their loyalty to the company since the trainees of today are our employees of tomorrow.”

To prevent a shortage of skilled workers, the number of commercial trainees was already increased the previous year. Vocational training in information technology and digitalization is currently the focus for the coming years at Pfeiffer Vacuum.

“Pfeiffer Vacuum is a company with high-tech products," Benedikt said. "Topics such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, big and smart data, cyber security and time-to-market are issues for our customers and suppliers as well as ourselves and pose new challenges. But modern technologies and technological relationships are also unbelievably interesting topics in themselves. Our trainees benefit from working in an international, high-tech company which is evolving rapidly and doing so responsibly in the sense of strong corporate social responsibility.”

A particular highlight of a vocational training at Pfeiffer Vacuum is the opportunity to work abroad. We currently have exchanges going in the USA, France, China and Singapore. Language courses in French and English, offered by the company for all employees, provide good preparation for this.

While the new junior staff are starting their professional lives, the application period for the training year 2019 has already begun. Pfeiffer Vacuum will be offering the following vocational training and degree majors in the coming year: industrial clerk, industrial mechanic, warehouse technician, industrial business engineering/engineering specializing in mechanical engineering, software technology and business informatics.

In addition to a good school leaving certificate, qualities such as team spirit, strong communication skills, and a sense of responsibility are required for training or dual studies at Pfeiffer Vacuum. Experience has shown that all interested and committed potential trainees are accepted into the company workforce after successfully completing exams. They then have the opportunity to find an interesting job at the company headquarters or at one of its many international subsidiaries.

Many employees have remained loyal to Pfeiffer Vacuum since their vocational training. For example, Arno Failing began training as a mechanic in 1979. Today, he is shift leader in turbopump manufacturing.

“I am proud to say that I work for a high-tech company. When you have been with the same company for almost 40 years, you will experience both highs and lows, of course. The great thing is that there are many products we use on a daily basis that would not even exist without vacuum technology. That also constantly leads to new areas of application and thus interesting tasks for employees,” Failing explained.

Talitha Hedrich finished her training as an industrial clerk at Pfeiffer Vacuum this year. During her training, she also supported the French team in Annecy for several weeks. “An important incentive for my stay abroad during my training was getting to know the people and culture of the country as well as furthering my language skills," she said. "At our subsidiary in France, I got to see the service department in action and could process repair orders with coworkers or generate cost estimates.”

The junior staff members receive their own projects early on during their training. This allows them to discover and expand on their professional strengths. Today, Hedrich works in sales support in Asslar and assists customers from the market segments industry and research and development.

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