InfinityQS® recently won the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Product Leadership, bestowed specifically for SPC-based quality solutions. InfinityQS received the honor for its Enact® software platform.

Frost & Sullivan cites the importance of recognition in this area on two very important, very broad concerns affecting a vast number of industries and companies all over the world, from food & beverage and discrete manufacturing to the automotive, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

One concern has been a long-standing, and quite obvious, focus of business that has persisted since the very inception of commerce—to increase profitability. To do so, many businesses, particularly manufacturers, seek to improve and control processes to reduce scrap and waste, lower costs, improve product quality, and maintain compliance.

The second concern is a recent result of the rapid evolution of technology and the ability to collect mass amounts of data.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s best practices research, “In today’s increasingly connected and intelligent manufacturing environment, companies face a data deluge such that they lose sight of what data is most important; therefore, making sense of the data and translating it into critical business decisions proves challenging.”

Overcoming this challenge and achieving increased profitability calls for true enterprise resource management, or as the best practices research puts it, “enterprise-wide visibility into manufacturing quality data and strategic operational insight tailored for all user levels (corporate, regional, and site) based on their roles and responsibilities.”

Unfortunately, potential benefactors of enterprise systems and software often find implementation, as well as standardizing and maintaining such systems, too expensive and too time-consuming.

“Under these daunting circumstances, vendors that can offer a quality intelligence platform that aggregates and analyzes quality data across an enterprise to provide not only visibility, but also fast and easy access to actionable insights for CEOs and production shift operators alike are expected to secure leadership positions in the market,” states the research.

Enter InfinityQS Enact

Enact® is a cloud-based quality intelligence platform powered by InfinityQS’ statistical process control (SPC) engine embodying the company’s philosophy of the Excellence Loop, “meaning companies can use the data that they are already collecting for quality compliance purposes to improve their businesses,” states the research.

The Excellence Loop starts with enterprise visibility. All data collected, from the lab to the production line to suppliers, is accessible to, “gain insights for optimizing operations,” states the research. “In other words, Enact helps companies aggregate and analyze quality data from all production processes across all facilities in one standardized format. Organizations can examine the data at a site level, regional level, consolidated site or division level, even all the way up to the enterprise level.”

This is possible due to Enact’s centralized engine—which controls calculations, timed data collection, and violation notifications—and unified database—which brings together and standardizes all information into a single repository, ensuring all viewing and analyzing are of the same data and that all critical business decisions are made from that information.

“Once companies gain insight they can then use it to transform their business: they become more efficient, reduce scrap, better utilize time, and take quicker operational decisions,” states the research. “Ultimately, they achieve savings across their organization that allows them to improve their business and make customers happy. The InfinityQS Excellence Loop represents an ongoing cycle of using enterprise visibility to gain insight and reach transformative outcomes. In this way, the company has saved tens of millions of dollars for its customers through drastic reductions in scrap and improvements in throughput.”

Frost & Sullivan also singled out a number of Enact’s features and design. The best practices research points out that many SPC software and system providers market the intricate and advanced nature of their control charts while ignoring that many operators lack the technical savvy to understand which control charts to look at or prioritize. With intelligence tailored for all users, “InfinityQS is strikingly different as it presents users the fairly complex data in a straightforward way so they are free to act immediately and get more value from the tools without feeling overburdened by complex analytics,” states the research. “With Enact, the data is presented to users in a highly accessible, visual format based on who they are and where they are working. Users do not have to scroll through numerous charts and menus, rather they are presented actionable intelligence simply, in consideration of what needs to be accomplished immediately.”

The research also called out Enact features like its intuitive role-based dashboard, actionable intelligence, mobility, enterprise design for re-use, multi-lingual support, pricing, and flexible deployment. It also cites that Enact addresses all of the requirements of global companies in need of a quality intelligence platform to provide, “enterprise-wide visibility and strategic operational insights to achieve global improvements and positive business transformation.”

The research concluded, “Enact renders unmatched customer value by providing industry-leading enterprise-wide data visibility and strategic, actionable insights to all users tailored to address their specific roles and responsibilities. By utilizing this unique Excellence Loop, companies transform their businesses by reducing costs, increasing profitability, and taking better and quicker operations decisions. Without a doubt, InfinityQS has secured a competitive edge by introducing its unique clean sheet enterprise design that features highly visual, customizable dashboards; unique grading; mobility; re-usability; multi-lingual support; and flexible licensing. For its strong overall performance, InfinityQS has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Product Leadership Award.”

For more information, download the Frost & Sullivan white paper, Product Leadership: SPC-Based Quality Intelligence Platform