Adding new customers can create more unique AS9102 demands, thus stretching your limited resources even further. Often the prospect of adding yet another customer, and their unique AS9102 forms, further stresses your overwhelmed quality department. If this sounds all too familiar, here are five solutions to this problem.

A single tool for all customers

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You need one, easy approach to meet your varying customer demands. A simple approach using a single AS9102 characteristic identification tool will let you identify the characteristics and model data for all of your customers in one complete approach.

Eliminate redundancies

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By using tools that allow one common process for multiple customers, eliminate repetitive processes and documentation. This solution will allow you to reallocate valuable resources. As a matter of fact, with a single software tool, you will need fewer employees dedicated to customer-centric quality inspection forms and eliminate the need for customer experts. By maximizing tools that provide the customized format and focus for a specific customer, you can easily select the customer’s output preference, excel, website etc., and automatically respond to the unique demands of that customer.  You can address customer’s preferences in a matter of hours, not days.

Control your processes

By using this single approach, then reassign personnel to do what they do best, inspect and ship the parts, not manage redundant paperwork. In short, start driving and redirecting your business processes instead of having your customer’s specific AS9102 needs determine your resources and planning.

Time Consumption Unacceptable

A supplier in Hartford, Connecticut struggled with the time it took to assemble the complete technical data package for a part. The Quality Manager commented, “We want to make sure that we don’t miss any critical requirements, so we try to organize all of the technical documents that define the part.” When a new part shows up, they used to examine the drawing and try to identify all the pertinent specifications. They would then look-up the specs and either print them from PDF files or pull the documents out of the filing cabinets. This was a time-consuming process that took hours to complete. Meanwhile, this supplier has many orders for fabricated parts that involve over 300 characteristics for each part. It would take their quality personnel days just to identify the characteristics and setup the database of requirements.

Minutes Not Hours

This proactive supplier adopted a software tool that enables them to electronically organize the technical data package and automatically identify the part characteristics. This company now creates the technical data package and sets up a FAI and SPC in a matter of minutes. The data, from the Bill of Materials, to specifications to purchase orders, can be accessed in this tool and later archived. When customers visit, the supplier can access all the documents from one tool and not forage file cabinets. Organized and complete, the documentation accessed from one software tool, streamlines the audits and builds confidence in the supplier’s processes.

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