Manufacturers who want to diversify their product line are met with serious challenges. While the adage, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” seems simplistic enough, the implementation of diversifying is anything but simple. Finding cross over markets in aerospace, medical device and automotive industries, basically serving three or four market masters, can lead to tremendous opportunity and challenges.

One of the ways to alleviate these growing pains is to find an integrated system, which supports one process to meet the needs of various markets. Creating inspection reports and other documentation for a new industry can tax an already overwhelmed quality team but finding one solution that addresses the discreet needs of the new markets is a goal that companies should reach.

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For example, one supplier in Texas, whose work for oil and gas industries had diminished, lead him to venture into aerospace. As he dipped his toes into this industry, he was shocked with the strenuous requirements of the AS9102 inspection form. His brief venture into medical device also presented him with challenges as his new customer required an First Piece Inspection Report. And his automotive attempt required his in-depth knowledge of the Production Part Approval Process, PPAP form, for control plans. This supplier commented, “It seemed like a good idea at the time and we definitely had the product line to support these industries, but the diversification came at a great cost.”

With a single software solution, however, this supplier was able to address the inspection reporting challenges of these markets, using one tool for them all. One customer required CAD models as well and with an integrated software, DISCUS, the supplier could meet all the needs of the new markets, diversify and reap the benefits of the new market. By using customized templates, this supplier simply created various inspection reports, from AS9102, to PPAP with a click of a mouse button, basically.

Set your goals for market diversification and make it a reality with DISCUS Software. This quality goal is readily available in  DISCUS. To learn more, attend an interactive demo or to download a trial please visit