While it’s become increasingly clear that in order for organizations to able to withstand and overcome future disruptions, having a business continuity plan in place is a must. But it doesn’t end there.

For a business continuity management system to be effective, it should be based on internationally accepted standards such as ISO 22301:2019 (business continuity-focused) and ISO 31000:2018 (the risk management framework). On top of that, it’s critical to source industry-specific, robust applications to help you fulfill specific tasks, including: Document ControlNonconformance (NCR)Audits/Supplier Audits and Risk Assessments.  

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By downloading our Insight Report, How to Protect Your Business in a Crisis: Business Continuity with Intelex and ISO 22301:2019, you will learn: a) the Plan-Do-Check-Act clauses relating to ISO 22301:2019; b) the three components to the ISO 31000:2018’s risk framework: scope, context and criteria; risk assessment, and c) how our key applications can help you protect your organization from disruptions in the future.