Enjoy a webinar featuring Jeff Wilkinson, Starrett Director of Research & Development. Jeff has been with The L.S. Starrett Company for 17 years where he is responsible for new product design and is a key developer of many of the company's most successful products. Mr. Wilkinson has delivered over 300 products to market, is a published technical author, is a 30+ year member of IEEE, as well as holds multiple patents. He is the former Director of Research and Development for Nokia.

Starrett Infocenter


Presentation Highlights

  • Traditional approaches to measurement data collection are inefficient, error-prone, and do not support IoT/Industry 4.0
  • Transformative advantages of advanced wireless data collection
  • Benefits reviewed: scalable, secure, accurate, versatile, automated, fast, easy-to-use, unrestricted distances
  • Compatible with leading wireless and electronic digital precision tools and gages
  • Video overview, real-life case study example, and other applications

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