A comprehensive, full color 20-Page Product Guide/ Brochure provides details about the new Starrett DataSure® 4.0 Wireless Data Collection System and new Starrett Wireless Gages. Learn why DataSure® 4.0 is the most complete, scalable, secure and robust measurement data acquisition solution for Industry 4.0. With unprecedented range and data security, multiple gateways, compact size and high speed, Starrett, a forerunner in the development of data collection solutions for quality control manufacturing applications, has taken data acquisition to a new level. System specifications are provided and a range of network use examples are presented. From just one or a few measuring tools over short distances, to configurations that have many measuring tools located hundreds of yards apart in a large factory or spread out over a mile in multiple facilities, DataSure® 4.0 is able to easily accommodate expanded distances and increased application requirements as measurement data collection requirements evolve and grow.

Starrett Infocenter

Complete descriptions and specifications are offered about Starrett W798 Calipers, W733.1 Micrometers and W2900 Indicators with internal embedded wireless measurement capability, offering fast, easy, accurate data transmission. Starrett Wireless Gages are the perfect complement to DataSure® 4.0. 

The Product Guide/ Brochure also offers contact information to schedule a demonstration, place an order and get service and support.

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