More and more, customers are asking for proof of quality. Either through ISO certifications, letters of compliance, sample data records, or even detailed data logging of each part shipped. Federally regulated or oversight industries, such as; aviation and transportation, bioscience, pharmaceutical, and food suppliers and processing industries are calling for, if not demanding, detailed and irrefutable data on all parts and products of their operations. Additionally, 21 CFR part 11, calls for time stamping and electronic signature of data. The more this data can be handled by computer platforms, the more we can centralize and protect data, efficiently generating component data that proves the quality of our products. The single most problematic area in data collection is the point of entry of attribute data into said computer platform.

Starrett Infocenter

This presentation will detail areas of concern in data collection with handheld gaging and the resultant effect on the quality of data. Further, it will detail the advantages of wireless data collection and how it minimizes, if not eliminates data errors.

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