Roush Yates Engines (RYE) of Mooresville, NC and its manufacturing division, Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions, continuously evaluates and decides the most optimal ways to leverage technology. So, when RYE explored ways to improve the accuracy, integrity and throughput of its precision measurement data, the decision was made to deploy DataSure® 4.0, the industry’s latest data acquisition solution developed by The L.S. Starrett Co. of Athol, MA
Read the application story to learn firsthand about the benefits of automated measurement data collection that RYE is experiencing (
  • DataSure® 4.0 saves RYE 8-10 seconds on every measurement taken
  • 8-10 seconds on thousands of measurements translates to 7+ hours labor savings daily
  • Automated Data Colection eliminates incorrect data, scrap and re-work
  • DataSure® Security Confidence meets RYE requirements for CMMC and ITAR
  • More!

“ We saved 8-10 seconds on every measurement taken and have eliminated the possibility of errors” 

- Roush Yates Engines