Earlier, after Starrett DataSure® Wireless Data Collection Technology was developed, Starrett conducted a controlled, 100% inspection test to measure the impact of DataSure® on throughput and quality assurance. Starrett made three measurements per part and recorded the data on 500 parts.

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Methods 1 and 2 involve time-consuming hand movements to pickup and put down the tool in order to record data. Also, results can be uncertain due to the measurement value changing while being inspected. The slowest method (#1) required 29 seconds per part with many errors. Measurement with the DataSure® Wireless Data Collection System (DCS) is fast and direct, nearly 5 times faster than Method #1.

Method 1:  Measure, Handwrite Results, Enter Data Remotely

  • 37 time/ motion elements, 28.9 seconds per part
  • 62 entry errors

Factors affecting accuracy and throughput:

  • Measurement must stop so that the machinist or inspector can write down results
  • Illegible handwritten numbers, mistakes noted but not corrected, data written in shorthand and inspector's misread by the transcriber
  • Value can change when the gage/tool is released
  • Data entry errors at the PC

Method 2: Measure and Enter Results to PC

  • 20 time/ motion elements: 15.3 seconds per part
  • 4 data entry errors

Factors affecting accuracy and throughput:

  • Alternating measuring and data entry caused errors
  • Gage not seated correctly when released to key-in data
  • Missed data entry, incorrect keystrokes, data entered into wrong cell

Method 3: Measure and Enter Results Directly with a Starrett DataSure® Wireless DCS

  • 17 time/motion elements: 6.6 seconds per part
  • 0 entry errors

Factors affecting accuracy and throughput:

  • Measurement technique is maintained
  • No interpretation or memory errors
  • Immediate, direct data entry eliminates errors

Starrett has recently introduced a new version of DataSure® called DataSure® 4.0, the industry’s most complete, scalable, secure and robust wireless measurement data acquisition solution for Industry 4.0.

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