Manufacturers already have the key to improving efficiency and increasing productivity: data. But many struggle to harness their data’s value because they are using outdated legacy Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems to collect, store, and analyze it.

A critical first step toward modern manufacturing is to bring data online through a digital SPC-based quality intelligence solution.

There are five main reasons why upgrading a legacy SPC system makes sense.

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Connected Data

Legacy SPC systems typically rely on local file-based storage, which means that all data and analysis is performed on devices where the system is installed. This limits accessibility, causing disconnected “islands” of data. SPC is a process-centric technique. Its value is enhanced when workers receive real-time access to standardized data. Modern SPC systems, deployed through cloud technology, make that possible.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency and productivity rule today’s modern manufacturing environments. Cutting-edge manufacturers have continuous improvement teams using Lean Six Sigma, manufacturing excellence, and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles to propel their organizations forward. Yet legacy SPC systems are the antithesis of efficiency and productivity—they are labor-intensive for the teams that are collecting, preparing, and importing data, performing analysis, and acting on results.

More Capabilities, Better Benefits

Manufacturing is fast-paced and complex. Advanced features in modern SPC systems improve a company’s responsiveness. Most legacy SPC systems still provide only basic capabilities that are unable to support modern manufacturing demands.

Reduced Complexity

Because today’s manufacturing environment is much more complex, there is a great need for simplified, streamlined solutions. Changing consumer demands must be managed in real time, often with little room for error. The manual nature of legacy SPC systems makes it difficult to manage these complexities.

Lower Cost

Modernizing SPC is a cost-effective move that can deliver significant competitive advantages and generate a quick return on investment (ROI). Cloud-based solutions are easy to deploy, use, and maintain. Many companies experience transformative reductions in waste, scrap, and defects while improving quality—and boosting the bottom line.

Making Digital Progress

Despite large investments in equipment and systems, cumbersome manual data and quality management processes and systems remain common on the shop floor.

Forward-thinking manufacturers are looking to replacing outdated systems with digital solutions equipped for today’s fast-paced environment. Smart companies take a tactical approach to digital transformation, starting with the critical production data they already collect as it provides tremendous opportunity to add value quickly. And for many companies, modernizing legacy SPC systems is now a priority, not an afterthought. 

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