With so many vendors flooding the marketplace, consumers have more choices than ever before. Manufacturing competition is fierce. Companies that thrive in this cutthroat environment are using quality as a critical differentiator to win customers.

How have they changed their perspective on quality, viewing it as a profit driver instead of a cost? By adopting a cloud-based SPC system. A modern SPC solution provides four key competitive advantages.

No. 1: Reduces Cost

Price isn’t the only consideration for buyers anymore. They want to purchase high-quality products that last.

This is good news for manufacturers that use a modern SPC system to ensure they’re efficiently producing in-spec products. A digital quality solution allows them to closely monitor processes, achieve consistent, high-quality production, and avoid rework.

Emphasizing quality also lowers operating costs because it reduces waste and scrap. If your production is cost-efficient, then you gain the ability to price products competitively while maintaining high quality.

Defects, scrap, rework—anything considered “out-of-spec”—negatively affects your bottom line. A cloud-based SPC system features real-time functionality that can help you address any out-of-spec events before they become major, costly issues.

Poor quality has a cost. Lower your costs with a modern system designed to keep you in-spec.

No. 2: Simplifies Operations

Regardless of whether you have five, ten, or even thousands of manufacturing plants, standardization simplifies operations and cuts costs.

A standardized, cloud-based system provides major benefits, including:

  • Easy deployment and expansion
  • Better insights
  • Simpler maintenance

With a standardized system, your data is in one format, accessible, and useable, making it easy to compare performance across lines and plants. This visibility helps you ensure production lines and product quality remain consistent.

No. 3: Provides Better Visibility

Lack of visibility is a big problem across the industry. Paper-and-spreadsheet–based systems do not support real-time data collection, sharing, or comparisons.

Real-time functionality is critical to total process visibility but it does not exist in paper or spreadsheets. These outdated systems require manual work to compare data across different plants and lines. They’re incapable of real-time data sharing.

However, modern SPC systems give you unparalleled process visibility. You can summarize all data that’s been collected in your system—regardless of which line or plant it came from. Then, using the statistical and data visualization tools in the software, you can surface valuable insights to pinpoint areas of your process that can benefit from improvements.

From there, you can direct your Six Sigma teams to make changes to areas where their actions can generate the highest return. Visibility is the bulwark of manufacturing improvement.

No. 4: Leverages Modern Technology

Cloud-based quality management software makes it easy to access the latest features and tools to enhance efficiency. It’s also easier to keep your technology up to date. The software provider handles hosting, security, server maintenance, and updates. Because everything is stored in the cloud, you can easily replicate existing settings and expand software to a new site.

With the flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, you pay for what you use, and your provider leverages the latest security tools. Paper and spreadsheet-based systems are difficult to manage, costly, and cumbersome when you consider servers must be maintained by your internal team.

Cloud Technology Makes Prioritizing Quality Easier

Cloud technology is proven and well-established as a reliable business solution. But compared to the long history of manufacturing, it can still seem like relatively new technology.

Because of that perception, many organizations are reluctant to move—they’re comfortable where they are. But manufacturers who resist the move to digitalization are at risk of being left behind.

An organization that is comfortable in the cloud today is ready to face any challenge.

Want to learn how a modern SPC solution can reduce your costs and risk? Go to the InfinityQS website to see how quality can drive manufacturing efficiency and improve your bottom line.