Operators on the plant floor play a crucial role in ensuring quality in manufacturing. If operators don’t have what they need to succeed in their jobs, your products will suffer greatly—or they might not even be released if they don’t meet product quality compliance standards.

But many operators are not receiving the support they need to effectively perform their jobs. Are you engaging and supporting your operators with the right quality management solution?

To Improve Quality, Save Operators’ Time

Operators are vital to quality in the manufacturing world. They are the frontline soldiers in the war against out-of-spec processes that result in costly waste and scrap.

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To perform their jobs well, operators must possess a wide range of information and expertise, as well as knowledge of:

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Compliance regulations
  • Regular and scheduled process and quality data checks
  • Machine operation and maintenance
  • Safety rules
  • Engineering drawings

And that’s just a partial list. They also work with different stakeholders at your organization—including supervisors, quality managers, inspectors, engineers, and more. All these responsibilities can take precious time away from an operator’s primary focus: producing high-quality, in-spec products.

An operator’s role is challenging, but you can help make their plant-floor activities easier by moving to a cloud-based SPC quality management solution, like Enact® by InfinityQS.

How a Cloud-Based SPC Solution Improves Operator Engagement

As quality professionals, we know that operators have a lot to manage, so it’s important for you to help ensure they have what they need to be successful. So how can your quality management software help? InfinityQS provides tools that make operators’ tasks easier—while providing the information they need to ensure and improve product quality.

For example, digitizing, streamlining, and automating data collection can have huge benefits for operators. A cloud-based SPC quality management solution does all of this by bringing your data online in a standardized format that’s easy for operators to use.

You can set automatic reminders in the system, which reduce an operator’s burden of remembering when to collect data. That takes the guesswork out of when to gather data, saving them time and allowing them to focus more on process activities. No more product quality compliance violations.

Furthermore, a cloud-based SPC system automatically alerts an operator when the data they have collected indicates a significant change or shift in machine performance. These automated alerts can help operators prevent out-of-specification events that can shut down production lines and cause huge hits to the bottom line through waste and scrap.

Whether it’s fully automated, semi-automated, or manually collected, all quality data should feed into a single system where it can be aggregated and summarized across production lines and plants. Ultimately, it is your aggregated shop floor data that can provide a “macro view” of quality for quality professionals and managers, helping you to reduce costs and transform business performance.

Focus on Operator Success

The best way to engage your operators—and improve quality at your organization—is to equip them with the right tools to simplify their jobs.

Making data collection fast, simple, and easy enables operators to ensure that they are collecting the valuable quality data that they need—and that you’ll use to guide operational performance improvements. It’s a win for everyone.

Visit the InfinityQS website to learn how Enact by InfinityQS can support your shop floor operators and improve product quality and efficiency at your company.