Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a core manufacturing methodology. By using a real-time SPC quality management solution, manufacturers can regularly collect, monitor, and analyze data from their production processes. That information can be used to improve product quality.

But there’s another huge benefit that only certain real-time SPC solutions provide: notifications.

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Real-time notifications are triggered when the SPC solution discovers a significant variation or out-of-specification event in your manufacturing process. The right people—operators, inspectors, quality professionals, and managers—receive an alert, equipping them with the information to handle issues effectively.

With these valuable insights, your manufacturing teams can reduce or eliminate risk, waste, and defects. In short, notifications can prevent trouble—or minimize its impact—before issues negatively affect your bottom line.

How Notifications Work

First, a manufacturer needs to adopt a real-time SPC solution to collect data. Once that’s in place, you need to enable notifications and reminders. There are two types of notifications: process or event alerts and timed reminders.

An advanced SPC solution should also be able to filter any notification by role—serving up information to only the relevant personnel.

Timed Reminders

SPC-based quality management can enable significant process and product improvements—but only if you collect the data you need at the right times.

That’s where timed reminders come in. Through your SPC solution, you should be able to set up automatic reminders to tell operators when data collections are required.

Timed notifications help ensure operators don’t forget to conduct sampling, inspections, and quality checks. Operators have busy schedules, and this allows them to concentrate on production tasks without feeling overwhelmed by the burden of collecting data.

Here’s the functionality your SPC solution should offer regarding timed reminders:

  • Flexibility: You should be able to configure scheduled quality checks at different intervals during the day and in different areas of your plant.
  • Warnings: Your system should let you know if data collections didn’t occur as scheduled.
  • Reports: If a data collection was missed, your system should generate a report with details on what was missed and why.

Timed reminders can take many forms including:

  • Countdown timers within the software interface
  • Emails
  • Dashboard icons
  • Notifications windows that turn different colors based on data collection status

Process/Event Alerts

Real-time SPC process and event alerts can help you mitigate damage caused by variation and out-of-specification events before they become major problems.

If an operator enters data that falls outside of control limits you’ve set, an alert should be triggered notifying them to correct the issue. Operators and quality professionals all try to prevent this situation. No one wants to create products that violate engineering specifications.

While a production process is running, if data violates a statistical limit that you have set, your software should generate an alert. Any significant process performance change should notify operators in real time so they can resolve the issue, hopefully before it leads to more costly problems like scrap and waste.

Reduce Noncompliance Risk

A real-time SPC solution collects, monitors, and analyzes production data. So when a variance or out-of-spec event occurs, the system will automatically send a notification to your users, empowering them with the information they need to resolve it.

With notifications, your teams can ensure product quality compliance. And the better process control you have, the likelier it is you will retain your customers because they value your superior quality.

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