As manufacturers realize success and sales increase, they scale operations. And your quality management solution needs to grow with you.

By scaling your solution, you extract the most savings and maximize the benefits of more efficient operations through quality. In other words, you get a better ROI from your software investment.

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A cloud-based quality management solution enables you to scale up (or down) quickly.

Companies with traditional on-premises software are forced to rely on busy IT teams when they need to scale operations. There’s a mad scramble to purchase additional hardware, add databases, install new network drops, and more. The whole process takes significant time and effort.

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing climate, where demand can fluctuate rapidly, scaling is incredibly important. You can’t afford an outdated solution that slows production or holds up the quality information that’s coming from the plant floor. You need a quality solution that’s under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, delivered via a cloud platform.

Why SaaS

Scaling is simple and incredibly fast when organizations are armed with SaaS products. With a SaaS solution, you don’t need to purchase servers, install software, or add databases. There are no upfront costs—you just need an internet connection and devices equipped with an internet browser.

SaaS makes it easy to add new sites, workstations, and users—all on a standardized, centralized platform.

Simplify Scaling

Scaling across your production lines in a single plant is easy. But what about scaling across your entire enterprise?

Let’s say you’ve just finished scaling across 12 production lines in plant 1 and your SaaS solution is working well. Now you want to make sure all five of your plants are covered. Sixty production lines seems like a lot, but SaaS makes distance and physical proximity problems disappear through the cloud’s universal access.

A cloud-based quality solution like Enact® by InfinityQS is designed to make deployments even faster and easier because users can easily reuse settings and configurations.

Enact offers part recipes and process models that can quickly and painlessly be reused for implementations across multiple production lines or plants—even if they’re making different products. You don’t need to create unique reports or data collections at each plant or rebuild them.

The ability to reuse also makes it easier to handle seasonal rushes or unexpected events that affect consumer demand for your products.

Process Models and Part Recipes

Even if your plants have different capabilities or features, Enact’s process models and part recipes can help account for those.

Process models depict how materials are utilized to create an end-product and where data collections are performed to verify your product’s quality. These highly visual, handy tools can be created, combined, and reused to represent how you make your products across different manufacturing lines, departments, and sites.

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Using a process model can help you analyze your manufacturing processes. Once deployed, the process model understands which operations and materials result in certain outcomes or issues, taking that headache and guesswork out of your operator’s hands. Your operators are freed from tedious tasks and can spend more time performing their primary work duties.

SaaS Speeds ROI

Because SaaS solutions scale so rapidly, your organization can see quick returns from your quality system. It can help you reduce non-compliance risk across your organization to save you money and maintain a high standard for product quality.

As supply chain disruptions continue to happen, manufacturers need the flexibility offered by a solution that can scale to stay competitive.

With a SaaS quality management solution, your team gains process visibility and control that enables process optimization.

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