Visual defect detection has traditionally been a costly and time-consuming operation. Now, by leveraging the immense power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, new software tools and solutions have been introduced allowing everyday users to create simple, world-class defect detection solutions for visual inspection. Such new software offers a variety of advantages that are change the way defect detection is achieved. These include: 

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  1. Ease of Use – No data science or software engineering knowledge needed
  2. Minimal Training Requirements – Operators can often be self-trained through short demonstration videos and embedded help files found right in the software
  3. Highest Accuracy – Previously unseen pixel level defect detection provides the highest detection rates and lowest false positives
  4. Superior Image Processing – Provides robust compensation for brightness variation and out of focus inspection conditions
  5. High Speed – Next generation solutions operate with up to 2X faster inspection than past commercial products
  6. Hardware Agnostic – New solutions often work with your existing imaging systems
  7. Cost-Efficient – New technologies can be expensive than comparable defect detection products
  8. High Throughput – Many solutions support up to 5.2MPx images for high-throughput, large area, or high-resolution inspection

One such defect detection solutions that offers all of these benefits and more is the new Mitutoyo AI INSPECT. This new software can help you replace manual inspection with advanced, easy-to-use machine learning technology to save time, reduce costs and improve operations. Contact Mitutoyo for a Software Trial Evaluation.